4 Estações Public Notice injects another R$ 4.4 million in events with the possibility of tourism

Belotur announced this Wednesday (21), the end of the 13th edition of the ‘Belo Horizonte 4 Seasons Program’, a
promoting events with tourists in the capital of Minas Gerais. In total, 54 jobs were selected, and the final result can be found at Portal of the City Hall of Belo Horizonte. The total world investment is R $ 4.4 million. In this edition, the events are divided into two categories: ‘Gastronomy and Food’ and ‘Events in General – Wide Competition’.

In the ‘Gastronomy and Food’ modality, seven events offered in category A, will receive R $80 thousand each. In category B, four events will be supported, with a contribution of R$40 thousand each. In the ‘General Events – Wide Competition’ modality, 17 projects in category A were administered, receiving R$120 thousand each. In category B, 26 projects will be supported with R$60 thousand each. Among the events are tours in person, tourist festivals, concerts, gastronomy, sports, work events, technical-scientific seminars, etc. They all meet the ‘Belo Horizonte Surprising’ tourist status.

“The ‘Belo Horizonte 4 Seasons Program’ reaches the 13th edition of its public campaign, playing the role of promoting events with tourism potential. This integrated program creates a tourism flow in the city, give us the opportunity to show our hospitality, in addition to our strategic location, good offer of the hotel chain and professional staff. We have a happier, more dynamic and effervescent Belo Horizonte”, said Gilberto Castro, president of Belotur.

As an important factor for the economic development and tourism of the city, in addition to the strategic concept of Belotur, gastronomy is presented in several programs of the ‘4 Seasons Program’ . Among them is the Cervejeiro Congress of the prestigious International Beer Festival, held in November, and appreciates the knowledge and activities of beer culture. Another project that seeks to promote Minas Gerais culture through gastronomy, business development, business and development is the Feirinha Aproxima, which will be held between February and with March of the following year. The Feira do Doce Mineiro, a confectionery area for professionals and lovers of the region, offering sweets made from the south to the north of the state, is one of the events in elected to the city in December. This whole project reinforces the name of Belo Horizonte as a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, awarded in 2019.

To celebrate the World Cup, in November the ‘Parque da Copa’ arrived in Belo Horizonte, a place for fans to enjoy the games of the biggest football event in the world. In addition to the live broadcast, the venue will feature a Gastronomic Village and music shows. Respecting the old Carnival of Belo Horizonte, the singer Ivete Sangalo will perform in the city, in February 2023, at the party We Love Carnaval.

The list also includes sports events, such as the Bope Games Academy, the largest sports festival in Latin America, and Pedala Beagá, an indoor cycling event with sports bikes. Creative programs such as the 33rd National Handicraft Fair, a place to appreciate handicrafts from Minas Gerais, and traditional programs such as the 10th Japan Festival in Minas, which showcases the oriental culture and with gastronomy with interesting and typical products from the region. among those considered. Other selected events will be held during the period of public notice, which will run from September 22 to March 21, 2023, during the spring and summer, including events during the carnival.

It is fair to say that each event held with the financial support of this public campaign hires or supports at least six Belo Horizonte companies. These are communication services, food, businesses, renters, sound, lighting, shipping, etc., which create work and income in the town.

Belo Horizonte 4 Seasons Program

The Belo Horizonte 4 Seasons Program is an ongoing initiative to promote and consolidate the tourism status of Belo Horizonte. Its main purpose is to present the capital of Minas Gerais as a good city, promoting its features and events through a platform divided into four thematic periods. These seasons combine the climate with a variety of interesting things to see in Belo Horizonte in summer, fall, winter and spring. Launched in 2018, the project has received 13 financial aid announcements for the management of events with tourist attractions in Belo Horizonte.

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