6 trends to watch out for in summer 2023

The main trends for 2022 have already started. Who thought it first, and like every year, Pinterest has already released its research, in Pinterest Predicts 2022.

Pinterest Predicts is an annual report of trends identified by Pinterest data analysts.

People use Pinterest to plan for the future. In other words, we know what’s coming. To give you an idea, 8 out of 10 predictions we made for 2021 came true. We are not talking about a regular annual report. Our report shows that it is not a trend, but it is. It’s a window into the future on the platform that people use to plan for it. Let’s look forward to what 2022 has in store.

This is what can be seen in an excerpt taken from the website.

Predictions are based on search terms on the web. As the word increases, that is, the more it is explored in a context, the more a prediction emerges.

We’ve broken down some of the predictions we think will happen. Businesses can use this information to target their business. After all, Pinterest has already revealed data that shows how users and companies can use its platform to grow.

Anyway, now that you understand how Pinterest ads work, let’s get to the trends!

Fashion Trend – A rainbow in the wardrobe

Keywords such as “Rainbow Dress Women”, “Fuchsia Dress”, “Pink Dress”, “Pink Dress” and “Gradient Dress” have grown in search over the past few months. down now. This is a strong indication of a trend to come.

2022 clothes will be very comfortable and democratic, and more comfortable. After all, no one can resist clothes that make you feel more comfortable.

A white man with prosthetic legs and long black hair wears a yellow hat and an orange shirt.  Black woman wearing a red dress on the gray steps of a red staircase.  Blue blue.

Image: Pinterest

Colorful collage with two women wearing colorful dresses and a dark pastel background.

Image: pinterest

colorful clothes

Source: Pinterest

Gothic will come back

Although there are more colorful clothes, there are people who like the world in black and white. And there will be many of those in 2022.

With less rules and jokes: this is how the Gothic style is reborn to conquer the general public. People of all ages will drink this spring, and the house decorations will not be left behind.

Removed from Pinterest


With an increase in people searching for words related to the Gothic style, it is clear that the style is making a comeback and a new face. Combining with other genres and ideas, such as “Cybergoth” (the combination of Gothic with a cybernetic aesthetic), or Gothic Animes, this opens new doors for Gothic fans to expand more.

Cybergoth, the “Cybernetic Gothic”

gothic anime

gothic anime

Collage with black objects.  Black and white stairs on the left.  Black marble with a book and a glass of water on it.  Black woman wearing black clothes and glasses.  A hand with black nail polish holding a black bowl.  East Asian woman in black hat, dress and scarf.  Black pendant lights.

Decoration type – Round

A growing interest is for people’s decorations. That’s because terms like “Curved wall decor”, “Curved living room sofa” and “Curved kitchen island ideas” are among the most popular today.

round circle

So, if you are a home builder and decorator, or someone who wants to have a super home now in 2022, it’s good to invest in circular items.

See some examples:

Photo Pin history

Chess will come back

For those who remember the 90s, you know that Chess came with a Grunge aesthetic, especially the famous Xadrez shirts. And it seems that in 2022 there is room for these innovations, of course, with a new face.


Searches for chess related terms have increased up to 5x. The next step is to introduce strong patterns with this aesthetic, now more creative and colorful. Everyone can play Chess if you want to!

Column of fixed subjects.  A slice of green and white cake on a plate, cut out walls.  East Asian woman with short red hair wearing a plaid shirt with red lips.

Financial education

Talking about money is a taboo, today it is far from being, and in 2022 it will become a hot topic. This is because more and more people are realizing that good financial health is important.

financial education

After all, keywords like “Investment Tips” have increased about 195% in searches in the last year.

financial advice

However, this shows that people spend more time working on their financial planning, and are more interested in information such as Investment Tips, financial planning programs and related courses!

This is one of the Pinterest trends for 2022. However, if you want to see more trends, here is the link to all the Pinterest Predicts trends.

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