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After the changes caused by the disease, the color red was used as a means of happiness. Understands feelings;

O sharp a visible color create tension and chaos. Rare voice in nature, it is almost necessary to bring it artificially to create nuances. Although red is historically seen as a feminine color, these days, it is necessary to separate it and think about the current trend. But first, let’s go back in time a bit.

According to historical data, until the 1900s, the color red was associated with masculinity; believed to be a pastel shade of red – which is why the baby Jesus is often seen wearing a hue in ancient paintings.

Blue, related to the dress of the Virgin Mary, is a girl’s color, although it symbolizes loyalty and trust. However, it is not clear when this idea changed.

Jesus in red. La Maestá, tempera and gold on wood panel, 1308-1311, by the Italian and pre-Renaissance painter Duccio di Buoninsegna;

Red for boys and blue for girls

According to some theories, the reversal and direction of voices as we know them today (red for girls, red for boys) was done in the 1920s in during the revolutionary period.

The children, who used to wear clothes similar to the clothes of the adults, began to wear comfortable clothes dyed with artificial indigo, a pigment known at that time.

Others rely on the thesis of the 1980s, when increasing age and gender differences became the main reason for the sale of children. However, despite this change in gender-related issues, many people continue to adhere to these traditional values.

In 2016, Pantone brought the Change of Style

In 2016, Pantone announced 2 glasses for its color of the year; the Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz and the Pantone 15-3919 Serenity, which aim to shake old ideas and change the mind.

However, the duality of male x female voices has continued the popular male norm associated with these colors, especially by conservatives.

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016: the idea of ​​choosing two shades inspired by social movements calling for gender equality.;

Soon after, we had the hype around Rosa Millenial (beginning 2017-2018), who wanted to change the genre, first related to women, to a dialogue about knowledge.

The trend has brought great results to the market: currently, the number of categories considered male in the glasses of red has grown 40% on the websites. kind of fast world Rosa Millenial, of course, has moved and become a fever in interior decoration.

Millennial red has become the “new freedom” because it can work well with many other colors, adding some sparkle. Image: Sampleboard
The property is complemented by red details on the facade;

Pink and the Digital Revolution

As we move forward today, we see red with a new meaning when we talk about the Digital Revolution. Often included in translations, games, digital forms, NFTs and the Metaverse, it is more colorful than avant-garde.

However, the pink color of the digital age brings cleaner and stronger tones, and most of the time it combines with lilac or blue, giving a futuristic view of the mind.

The Hortensia Armchair, by Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué, reproduces the beauty of the flower in nature and is inspired by the basic human need for warmth and comfort.;

Artist Andres Reisinger, famous for using digital tools and 3D in a world of possibilities, has an interesting question about the use of red in his work.

“I often use pink, a rare tone in nature, but in rose quartz. The crystal, which has an energy frequency of 350Hz, is believed to ‘raise and balance’ the heart energy center. For this basically, I use red as if it has a healing effect, combining with the curves of the human body, which is a great inspiration for my work”.

Reisinger is known for making surreal artworks and was one of the first artists to sell pieces through NFT;

Stylist Virgil Abloh told Earlwyn Covington of Damn Magazine: “I’m used to colors, but it’s the basis of art and design. Color immediately brings emotion and it’s no accident that one of my main projects is called Off-White. When I talk about red, I want to save his childhood feeling – since our brains are programmed to red as female and blue as male man. I think this story is the basis of my art, trying to resolve these assumptions about the chosen facts. When you grow up, you realize that this is not true, yes alone.

Virgil Abloh has put the voice in his creations: the master and monogrammed of Louis Vuitton pieces, since he is the designer of the brand;

Dopamine Fashion: The Fashion Behind Cancer

With cancer, the desire to return to a “normal” life and enjoy the world has become greater. The lessons of the future may bring the so-called dopamine typea name that refers to the neurotransmitter that when released, causes pleasure and increases motivation.

The era ended in translation to other areas, although with many doubts and great changes, the desire to dress or eat in a better and happier way came.

Green, blue and yellow tones, more calm and stable, and strong tones like purple and orange, confirm this idea. The color red is one of the most popular and understands this need with great force.

Moda Dopamina aims to improve mood through cheerful colors and good mood. Photo: Wendy’s LookBook

Pink is so popular that Dolce & Gabbana does not stick to one shade of pink, but to several for its High Fashion Summer 2022 collection, bringing it closer to the younger generations and communicating with the world. of games and the metaverse. .

Dolce & Gabbana brings the idea of ​​cybernetic futurism to a collection for Fall/Winter 2022. Image: advertisement;

orchid flower

Nowadays, the fashion research portal, WGSNin collaboration with Coloro, announced that orchid flower (vibrant red) is the color that stands out the most, because it has a sense of positivity and escapism.

The black, strong, very magenta is full of energy and can be used in “real” and “digital” life, as well as sounding swimwear, sportswear, decorations and beauty.

The Orchid Flower also provides a new tone for decoration. Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/Getty Images

It is a good practice for all seasons and countries to bring an awareness of good ideas – and it is growing in all design industries.

View with red orchid flower. Photo: Laura Biagotti FW21 + Batsheva FW21 © Catwalkpictures.com
Whether you want to use a lot or just a few details, the red color will help revive the whole area. Images: Trend Design Book

A good choice for now

Red is fluid, can be feminine, masculine, neutral, innovative, fun, purifying and expressive. This enigmatic style continues to be the talk of the pink color, 6 years after the release of the Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz.

Red tequila bottle: the lines create a simple but interesting look. The product is short and consistent;

Even over the years, Pantone continues to set the tone for interior decoration, design and style as different palettes provide a relaxing and refreshing feel, please in today’s desire for comfort.

At the same time, there are nuances that show the need to free ourselves from limitations, celebrate life and find strength.

Pink has been updated and well established by Pantone, and is a strong choice for when you are confident.;

While light and soft materials show a subtle print and florals to emphasize quality, pastels are more fun. The highest and highest spirit inspires and uplifts.

Recently, some Brazilians have launched a classic product, very different, the toilet, in pink, a tone that was used in the bathrooms in the 70’s;

As an intermediate color between magenta and red, red holds many emotions and has different meanings. It can’t help but make us happy, and inspires ideas for how it will continue to grow.

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