After the Jade Picon controversy, learn why recycling clothes is good for the world – 09/22/2022

Since Sunday (18), Jade Picon has been criticized on the internet after saying that she will not do any more clothes that were previously used in events. Fans said a video with the criticism was taken out of context, but the comment opened up a debate about eating clothes.

“You need to get some lessons about persistence,” one woman posted on Twitter. “Actually, he says he doesn’t recreate an event look, but recreates pieces of clothing and everyday clothes, like everyone else,” said a fan. No wonder the cost of the environment is high.

About 8% of greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of water pollution are products of the manufacturing industry, studies show. Producers and consumers are supporting others to take responsibility for the planet, but how to achieve it? Ecoa lists the most common questions and suggestions to help you.

Why wear it so long?

Used and recycled clothing reduces the use of water, energy, clothing and labor. The production of jeans, for example, uses more than 5,000 liters of water and pollutes rivers and the water system. This is where being creative and persistent comes into play.

What is sustainability?

It means thinking about the overall performance of a garment. Raw materials are considered, how the product is distributed for sale and the waste produced.

Used clothes thrown in the Atacama desert, at Alto Hospicio

Photo: Martin Bernetti/AFP

What is fashion conscious?

These are consumer choices in purchasing sustainable products and reusing and disposing of parts.

How can I dress sensibly?

In addition to using items in clothing, advice is to donate or resell unwanted items to charities, thrift stores, family and friends. Consider the composition: avoid synthetic fabrics. It is more synthetic, more polyester in nature. It takes centuries to decompose. What’s more, clothes made with natural fibers are more protective.

How long does the dress last?

Tip: Always follow the instructions. Some parts may be damaged in the washing machine or ironed. Check the deletion method shown. Recommendations increase the length of the sections. Of course, it is necessary to sew those with holes or scratches. There is another technique: upcycling.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is a concept in English to renovate and give new uses to clothes in the wardrobe. An old pair of pants turned into a bag or organizer. A t-shirt that became an apron. With pins, rules, scissors and easy to do at home. Find out how to do it.

Use a good thrift store

Casual fashion stores are one of the ways to dress. In addition to the long sections – which means more resistance – there is the advantage of being better than the usual stores.

Isa Scherer sells the director and chef in a boutique in the project 'À moda da Isa' - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

Influencer and chef, Isa Scherer sells in a luxury store in the project ‘À moda da Isa’

Photo: Mariana Pekin/UOL

other tips

In São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, for example, there are Fabric Banks that have bath towels, tablecloths, curtains and fabric scraps. Going shopping at a store? Take the time to research the brand’s history and green practices. There are more eco-initiated brands on the market.

argumentative dialogue

Ex-BBB’s comment was made on the “Pod Delas” podcast. According to Jade and fans, an episode was edited to give the impression that she is about everyday clothes. “I’m happy. I post a photo with a look, and for me, it disappears from the face of the Earth”, he said in a short message.

On Instagram, Jade said that she was referring to the combinations made by a stylist for events, which are usually borrowed and returned to brands. “From the snippet they posted, it looks like I wore the dress once and threw it in the trash. Never,” she replied.

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