Alexandre Nero and Giovanna Antonelli talk about the return of Stênio and Helô in ‘Travessia’: ‘They are very fun’

Ten years after conquering Brazil in “Salve Jorge”, Stênio and Helô, by Alexandre Nero and Giovanna Antonelli, are back on TV in “Travessia”, a soap opera 9 pm to start on October 10. Gloria Perez rehabilitated the couple – now separated – and proposed to put them back in the center, with the agent investigating cyber crimes involving the idea and encourage him to do these cases.

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– In “Salve Jorge”, marriage is limited to their relationship – says the author. – In this telenovela, the career path is as strong as the relationship.

Giovanna and Nero guarantee that both, even though they are more mature, will continue to bring laughter to the imagination.

“The result is the same. There’s their common denominator, the cat and the mouse, going through the motions. We will go about it, laughter, drama, love and romance – said Nero. “And time cannot pass. Like everything else, they have their changes. Not like Alexandre, not like Gloria, not like Giovanna.

But the actress went back in time to prepare:

— I returned to “Salve Jorge”, I sent a message to Nero: “look at this scene, let’s see it together”. They are very fun.

In “Salve Jorge”, the ambassador on the streets wears a variety of looks, such as his maximalist belts and bracelets and jumpsuits. Giovanna doesn’t know “what she’s got” at the moment, but she explains how these fads work:

— The audience dictates the style. Nature destroys nature and is stronger than us. The soap opera starts and everyone sends something that the character uses, and what the public talks about the most is what we are looking for. But it’s a Pandora’s box.

The actress and the clothing company went after the royal ambassadors to create this 2022 version of the style.

“This new look is real. She wears the style that I believe, in her career and inspired by the female representatives of our Brazil, beautiful and beautiful.

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