Ana Clara Watanabe has left Anacê // News // FFW

Anacê has announced that Ana Clara Watanabe, one of the founders of the young brand alongside Ana Cecília Gromann, has left the creative path to pursue personal projects.

Launched 3 years ago, the brand will continue its work under the command of Ana Cecília.

The new journey of long-time friends – who founded the brand over the years studying fashion together, at FAAP, as an experimental project, due to the same desire to follow fashion in different ways different.

“Ana Clara and I strongly believe in the nature of design, which represents our meeting place, two designers who came from within, who have similar expressions that have built our work repertoire. For then it was a difficult decision because many people love to go with us and are very attached to the brand. ” Ana Cecília said to the FFW.

Ana Cecília, who was featured in the Forbes Under 30 list in 2021, indicated that in this new phase the brand will continue with the same style, without work and casual work, but this time with his work experience.

He is developing his next collection to be presented at SPFW in November, preparing the new showroom, located in the city of República and planning the collections that will be presented at the end of the year.

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