Banda 5 de Agosto turns 58 and plays a special edition of Sol Maior at Hotel Globo

The edition of this Friday (23) of the program Sol Maior, which will be held at the Hotel Globo, will present the Banda 5 de Agosto – Formation Orquestra de Jazz. It is a special edition because the show ‘Frevos da Paraíba’ was created for the event. Sol Maior starts at 4pm, free and open to everyone.

The director of Funjope Marcus Alves said that the Sol Maior project was created last year as a pilot to bring together people who want to enjoy the sunset. To this knowledge, along with nature, he added instrumental music. He showed that good musical works were developed with instrumentalist duos of high aesthetic quality.

“And now we will present this experience with Banda 5 de Agosto, it is very valuable. I think that the common people, the guest, the population of João Pessoa will go to the Hotel Globo this Friday to celebrate by the quality of the music and the style,” he said.

During the show, Banda 5 de Agosto will play 11 compositions signed by maestro Rogério Borges, written for this production. “We are looking forward to the launch of this show that has been prepared with great care for the event. Hotel Globo reminds us of a memorable event because, on many occasions, the company has participated in a events in this area are in our way,” said the leader.

He evaluates the Sol Maior project as a place to promote local artists. And that, according to Rogério Borges, means that tourists who come to visit the Historic Center can see the music of Paraíba and its artists.

August 5th Band – There are 50 musicians, in this formation the band is reduced. In the jazz style, the instrument is only 18. Two on alto sax, two on tenor sax, one on baritone sax, four on horns, four on trombones, one percussionist, one on electric drums, one on drums, one on vocals, and with the conductor.

This year, Banda 5 de Agosto celebrates its 58th birthday and, in celebration of its anniversary, will be played in other places with the same show this Friday.

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