BeReal has a ‘clone’ on TikTok and can include paid features

Contrary to the way Instagram works, BeReal is the current social network, focusing on direct, unfiltered images. This feature was successful and TikTok decided to copy it.

The short video platform began to release the function “TikTok now” (TikTok now, in direct translation). With it, people can capture and record what they are currently doing using the phone’s front and rear camera – just like BeReal does.

To encourage the use of the new feature, the platform will send daily notifications asking the person to capture a 10-second video or photo on the spot (it is not clear if can cancel grades).

In the US, the update can be found in the TikTok app itself. In other countries, you need to use a different application.

“We will continue to improve the user experience as we learn more about how TikTok can integrate this new technology,” the company said.

TikTok users under the age of 18 cannot share their content on the Explore page, the company said in a statement.

People under 16 will have a private profile on the TikTok Now app by default. People between the ages of 13 and 15 will be limited to commenting on their friends’ posts.

BeReal can be paid

O BeReal is considering introducing paid features on its platform in order to avoid Instagram-style advertising, according to the British newspaper Financial Times. They expect to reach users in the second half of 2023.

Access to the app, and its great “post photo now” feature, will continue to be free. New features will be paid.

According to the newspaper, this fee is similar to the Premium subscriptions of Discord, a platform used by gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, which pay a monthly fee of R $ 12.49 or R $ 24.99 , depending on the subscription, for bonus content, such as digital. attachments.

The information is not verified by the company.

BeReal style

Founded in January 2020, BeReal’s goal is to promote realism and authenticity. This idea seems to have won over people. In the first months of the year, the platform saw a growth of 300%.

Notifications are sent at various times each day and users have a two-minute window to send them. Detail: it is necessary to share the photos found in the posts of friends.

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