Blog talks about the ‘trouble at Botafogo’ and the vice-president responds: ‘Who cares about this kind of thing?’

Senior Vice President of Botafogo, Vinicius Assumption does not like the publication of the blog “Lei em Campo”, by “UOL”, called “Crisis in Botafogo does not represent a problem for SAF in Brazil”. The leader responded on Twitter.

– Who is interested in this kind of reinvention? I can say that Botafogo has grown and reformed itself to return to the top of Brazilian football. In the middle of the road we will have chaos, but nothing will prevent the efforts of our Glorioso – confirmed Vinicius Assumpção.

The text is a technical opinion and is based on a possible “delay by the director of John Textor in giving financial rights” to the company. Also, the blog says that Fernando Pereira’s departure from the Council is planned, and he has already given interviews saying that the departure was pre-planned.

Another thing that has been revealed is the resignation of former CEO Jorge Braga with a complaint. The manager did not work and recorded bonuses for the sale of 90% of the football assets, the SAF did not agree.

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