Brazil is the second most affected country in cyber attacks in Latin America

Brazil is reported to be the second country in Latin America that receives the most attacks from cybercriminals. In the first half of 2022, 31.5 billion cases were detected against companies and users in the country, the total is 94% higher than what was recorded in the first six months of the last year.

The amount is also equal to the share of 22.9% of the total of 137 billion tests recorded in Latin America during the period. Brazil is behind only Mexico, where the 85 billion attack was recorded between January and June this year. The amount is equal to 63% of the number of digital scams registered in the Latin American region.

Data from the digital security company Fortinet puts ransomware scams at the center of this growth. According to the research, more than 10,600 virus symptoms related to digital kidnapping have been found in Latin America, a number that represents almost double the number recorded in the first half of 2021.

When the country is divided into countries, Brazil appears to be the lowest in the ranking, in the sixth place among the biggest ransomware distribution targets. The leader, from Mexico, with 18 thousand information and a value close to that of Colombia, with 17 thousand; Costa Rica completes the podium with 14,000.

A trio of malware known to be some of the world’s most dangerous was recently revealed here, with Revil, LockBit and Hive combining to have more than 6,900 variants in circulation in Latin America. The Fortinet report also shows the work of the Conti company, that is, under a thousand signs, which received international attention due to the wave of attacks that occurred in the Costa Rican government .

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“Ransomware attacks are affecting organizations in all industries, governments and entire industries, with new types constantly emerging from the hands of global cybercriminal groups. damage and cause financial losses and with images to their victims”, explains Alexandre Bonatti, Director of Engineering at Fortinet Brasil.

The expert also points out that ransomware markets are more commercial, with criminals operating from well-defined business models and using different partners for operations from initial initiation to when negotiating returns. “We are seeing an increase in the severity, sophistication and success of cyber threats,” said Arturo Torres, cybersecurity engineer for FortiGuard Labs for Latin America and the Caribbean, citing a terrible picture.

Outside of digital kidnappings, the most vulnerable used in Latin America in the first half of 2022 is Log4Shell, which has been updated and left a gateway to companies around the world. The Fortinet report also points to malware that hosts legitimate web services, rather than Excel documents, and botnet campaigns like Mirai, which are key to turning devices into zombies for denial. service delivery.

“This type of problem can no longer be solved with complex cybersecurity solutions or difficult to manage. . Threat analysis, resilience, and intelligence operations also help to identify the danger and find it. to accessible sources.

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