Brazil offers a company that plans to invest billions in social causes – 09/22/2022

The decision of the American Yvon Chouinard to give his sportswear company, Patagonia, valued at US $ 3 billion, to an environmental NGO fund was reported in the international press. A similar initiative is about to be implemented in Brazil. The CEO of Grupo Gaia, who has been working in the financial market for 13 years, João Paulo Pacífico is in the process of handing his company over to an NGO to achieve impact projects close “The goal is to be able to spend R$ 1 billion per year in this way in three to five years,” said Pacifico in the column.

A business man talks about what he does, not what he owns. “The company is being given to the NGO created for this purpose and it has no owner”, he explained. “All profits will be put back into the community”. When the transfer is complete, Pacífico says he will go from business to salaried employee.

One of the group’s companies, Planeta, was sold in March and all the money was transferred as equity to the new social enterprise.

Grupo Gaia caught the attention of the market by helping to organize a financial operation that raised R $ 17.5 million for MST companies, in a business that followed the traditional parameters of the search for rent. On the contrary, it is the result that fulfills the work of a company that many people in Faria Lima see as an enemy of capitalism.

“We are changing the financial system from the inside, because we are using the same tools that are used by large companies in the work for the MST”, explains Pacífico.

With the transformation of Grupo Gaia into an NGO, the intention is to support projects such as agriculture in indigenous lands and quilombos, food by the MST and the provision of affordable housing.

In this area, a set of 13 buildings with convenient stores will start in the city of São Paulo, at a cost of R $ 250 million. The company will house 1,800 families, about 7,500 people. The first building will open soon.

Pacifico would like to point out that this is not voluntary and not capitalist. “We need to have some money, but in a good margin, to pay bills and bills. “We will show that capitalism can be better than it is today.”

He considers himself to be a simple person, but he knows that he has a status quo. This will not change with your organization’s donation to the NGO. “Businesses can help the community at the same time to maintain a good quality of life”, he believes.

In addition to his work at the head of the company, João Paulo Pacifico is well known for being an influencer on Linkedin, a platform where he has more than 450 thousand followers, and for news with the 125 thousand subscribers. He has released two books (Onda Azul and Be a Leader as the World Needs).

“I believe that as less people live, a higher one should be established”, said the businessman. “I’m happy, I know what I’m doing, and it gives me a lot of personal satisfaction.”

The grant from Grupo Gaia to the NGO will go through the business processes, which should be completed next month.

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