Bruno Hulk details his UFC debut: “I’m here to stay” – 09/21/2022

The UFC middleweight division (84 kg) has rising Brazilian players who can see great achievements in the organization in the future. This Monday (20), the list may have a new candidate for national MMA fans to watch out for: Brunno ‘Hulk’. Recently hired by the UFC, through the Contender Series, the ‘Evolution Thai’ fighter is planning his debut in the league.

In an exclusive interview with the show team of Ag Kauaka, Brunno explained his controversial style inside the Octagon. Unstoppable in nine fights as a professional, the Brazilian has yet to leave a decision in the hands of the judges – with six knockouts and three submissions against him. In the last episode of Contender Series, Hulk knocked out his opponent, Leon Aliu, in the first round to secure his UFC contract.

“I am a promise, a loyal soldier, always looking for a step above. I am here to stay, to be the champion of the district. I want people to look and say: ‘This is a crazy person. , a husky’ . The Hulk has come to break”, was shown to the fighter, before confirming the same in the Ultimate.

“Obviously, you can wait (the fighting style in the UFC). This is who I am, I’m not used to going backwards. I have this aggressive, fighting style. But I have my safe place. the striking environment, I’ll lay down and work there, that’s my place. If you hug me, I’ll punch you down (laughs). Thai Evolution style, shoot, punch and shoot “, he added.

Energized and from a ‘new home’ in MMA, Bruno is now turning his eyes to his debut in Ultimate. According to the Brazilian middleweight, the intention is to go to the most famous octagon in the world for the first time this season.

“I think – my leg hurts a little, but that’s normal. Because I won’t lose weight, you can wait for me, if the boss calls us, we’ll be ready at 30. , 40 days, less. In fact, December, the end of November, we will be there ready to fight”, said Hulk.

In addition to Bruno Hulk, another Brazilian also won the opportunity to strengthen the UFC team in the last season of the Contender Series: Jael Filho, from the ‘Nova União’ gym. Apart from the highlight of the green and yellow duo, the Mexican Raul Rosas Jr, who is only 17 years old, also attracted attention by becoming the youngest player in history to sign with Ultimate.

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