Byredo releases liquid lipstick with a vinyl look // News // FFW

By Lais Andrade @cherrygloss

Byredo is one of the most disruptive brands to come out of beauty right now. The manufacturer of perfumes that have become iconic among perfumes, such as “Mojave Ghost” and “Blache”, the brand entered the make-up market in October 2020, with a collection in collaboration with the artist Isamaya French.

Since then, Byredo has attracted attention with new campaigns, which have the ability to combine the styles seen on the catwalks and on the streets in some products. Proof of this is the latest release, announced last week: Liquid Lipstick Vinyl, a line of 10 liquid lipsticks (9 with no colors and one without color) with a gloss, which brings in that way”wet wet“It’s one of the strongest trends to emerge from the beauty of today’s workweeks.

The launch marks Byredo’s first campaign in collaboration with Italian artist Lucia Pica – the first head artist at Chanel. “What I like about the concept of this water is that it goes back to the beginning of Byredo as a perfume house. Perfume is this concept of water with the power to transform the thought of man. Byredo perfumes are like subtle ways to express emotions through scent. And now, we have make-up which is a thing – now known – to express feelings,” he said.

The brand’s intention is that the Liquid Lipstick Vinyl line – especially its clear form, called Fantôme – will be used not only on the lips but also on the eyes, bringing the vinyl style to the entire face, and ensuring the triumphant return of beauty afterwards. year of hegemony of matte textures.

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