Carmine: safe with BluePex | News

Carmim, one of the oldest brands in Brazil, has taken a solution from BluePex, a São Paulo specialist in know with a focus on protection, control and availability.

Offered as software as a service (SaaS), BluePex Cloud Suite, the proposed solution, works to protect the business from cyber attacks and data leakage.

In addition, it has tools to monitor the operation of the equipment and ensure the correct operation of the site, which can be checked through a control panel.

“The services that are being provided are very stable and any issues that are identified are resolved quickly. If there is an attempt to access a suspicious website, the tool will immediately ‘hang’. This management, both macro and micro, gives us peace of mind,” said Reginaldo dos Santos, IT coordinator at Carmim.

According to Santos, the most used asset is the one that provides the analysis of incoming web links to Carmim’s servers.

“The solution makes it easy to check the quality of the links, which is important for productivity. Also, access to machines through VPN, in a structured way, guarantees our security “, explains the organizer.

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