China’s Cyber ​​​​Regulator Wants to Build ‘Affectionate’ Relationships with Internet Companies – 08/19/2022

By Martin Quin Pollard and Eduardo Baptista

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s cyber watchdog wants to build a “friendly” relationship between cyber companies and the government, a senior official at the agency said in the latest statement. in business after a lengthy rehabilitation.

Niu Yibing, the prime minister of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), told a press conference on Thursday that the agency supports the health development of the region and wants to establish a “business good, grow well.”

Among the main issues that worry investors are new rules for Chinese companies with data from more than 1 million users, need to do a security assessment before signing up. their parts abroad.

Sun Weimin, head of the cybersecurity regulator organization, said the company continues to support domestic companies seeking overseas listings. According to him, the audit is to ensure that there is no sensitive data that can be misused by foreign governments.

There is no final word on the story of Chinese telecom giant Didi Global. The company is the subject of a CAC-led investigation, which forced the company to delist its New York shares after a year of its listing, and foreign investors are worried about China’s tech industry. .

Sun said the CAC oversees Didi’s regulatory work and the regulator will continue to work to uncover hidden security issues and punish any behavior that threatens national security or data.

A Beijing-based tech executive, whose company has been fined by regulators over data security concerns, told Reuters that the CAC’s decision on Didi shows that regulators are not aware of the group.

“Didi is different from other Internet companies, the anti-monopoly action against other technologies has been completed and may have been blocked, but it is clear that the regulators will treat Didi differently,” said the executive, declined to be identified because he is not authorized to speak to the media.

(Written by Brenda Goh)

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