City Hall completes the 1st grade of the youth academy at MIS

The City Hall of Fortaleza, through the Municipal Youth Secretariat, held the closing ceremony of the 1st Youth Fashion School. In time, the graduates will present their final works and hold an exhibition of the pieces created during the courses. The event is open to the public and starts at 5:30 pm at the Sound Imaging Museum (MIS).

Launched in March of this year, the program has 200 hours, in addition to free classes, workshops, creative workshops, festivals and other activities. The school’s curriculum provides thinking, planning and work skills to encourage young people to build a career in the labor market.

Classes are held in person and nearby, between April and August. Topics covered in the modules: Fashion and its concepts; product type; Fashion project management; Art is used in style and architecture. Classes are held between April and August, in person and nearby. All graduates will receive a diploma from the Federal University of Ceará.

Closure of Junior High School 1
Day: Wednesday (21/09)
Time: 5:30 p.m
Location: Museum of Art and Sound (Av. Barão de Studart, 410 – Meireles)

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