Colors that illuminate and comfort environments such as the living room and the bedroom mark the decoration of the ‘Cine Holiúdy’ series.

In the second season, “Cine Holliúdy” appreciates the cinema and explores events, symbols and references from the Northeast culture and world pop from the 1970s. daughter of Olegario (Matheus Nachtergaele).

In the setting of the series, the candy colors captured our sense of lightness and, at the same time, brought a lot of style to the spaces. Despite the idea of ​​seventy directions, this color is back with everything in the current design projects. Candy colors, pastel tones or opaque colors, they are many and never go out of style, whether they bring happiness to a room or calmness and romanticism to a room.

The goal for these sounds is to update and provide information on your location. Let’s see, below, this character in amazing and new environments. Come with us!

Ana Carolina, the mother of 5-year-old Alice, sought the office of Maia Romeiro Arquitetura to give her daughter’s 12m² room a makeover, which has the same “face” since the daughter’s birth. Although Alice, an only child, has many toys and a small storage space, this is one of her mother’s main requests when explaining the new project. The girl, on the other hand, likes a red room with walls of red and some connection with the world of ballet and, if possible, flights.

Based on this knowledge, the author chose red as the main color of the room, made with a very soft tone so as not to weigh down the atmosphere and also look at the ballet dress. Red has been thrown out of place, taking in aqua green as a complementary color to light red. “Well, I like to use this green in my projects because it’s a soothing tone, it’s about nature and it brings a feeling of coziness”, says the writer Marina.

Some young doctors, 34 years old and no children, already lived in this 115m² house, in Lagoa, South Zone of Rio, when they decided to commission the architects of Studio Duas Arquitetura (@studioduas. arq) to design a project. add to the social environment and bring privacy and comfort not only to the living room but also to the bedroom where they sleep. “In particular, they both asked for a large table, a bar area, sideboard, a comfortable sofa, a large TV and a sound system built into the ceiling. In terms of decoration, they said they like environments with a unique background, light trees and colorful spaces,” says the architect Victoria.

Located in Icaraí, a neighborhood in Niterói, this 145m² house was recently acquired by a middle-aged business couple with two children (a teenager and a baby) as a new home for the family. They hired the architects Cadé Marino, Michelle Wilkinson and Thiago Morsch, from Up3 Arquitetura (@up3arquitetura), to develop a project that suits their needs and tastes. “They asked for a light and simple project, with color found only in the details”, says the architect Cadé Marino. In the baby’s room, the main thing is the bicolor wall with pictures that imitate the boiseries (decorations like pictures) and leave it fun and beautiful.

The “Casa de Novela” column was signed by the architect and urban planner Guilherme Galvão and the engineer Douglas Alexandre.


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