By Marcelo Mendes Santos *

Although they are used interchangeably, there is a difference between the terms cybersecurity and information security. Although both are related to security and protecting systems from threats and information breaches, there is a connection. And understanding this relationship helps control efforts, so it’s important for information security.

Known as the act of protecting information and data from external sources on the Internet, cybersecurity requires companies trained to protect websites, servers, intranets and computer systems in the scope. Good cybersecurity practices ensure that authorized agents have access to that information (if you think about LGPD, you know you’re right!). Cybersecurity is what prevents, for example, an employee or someone outside of an organization connecting an electronic device to a computer and extracting sensitive and important information from it (just to mention in a typical example). These agents also have the ability to block complex external threats, such as someone on the other side of the world trying to access the internet, for example.

Currently, we are talking about the protection of information and information systems regarding non-use, evaluation, modification or removal, we are talking about measures information security, and in practice like data security, it is about protecting data from hackers. attack and steal. Here, we are talking about a context where data is classified as “information”, which means something (remember the maxim that says that all information is different, but data is not and all knowledge). So when data is stored in a system, it needs protection from external sources or threats. And here we see the role and importance of information security.

That said, the difference between cyber security and information security is clear. Considering that every citizen has the constitutional and inviolable right to privacy, and it is up to each person to decide what can and cannot be published, we see the importance of understanding in these terms when we use them in maintenance services and special operations. Marketing Information.

The path proposed by the LGPD is not coming back, it has changed in depth and change, especially in the economy and the technology market. At a time when data has become an important asset of the modern world, it is important to understand how it is used, captured, stored, manipulated and shared.

Focusing on protecting customers and their sensitive data goes beyond legal compliance: it’s an important issue that cannot be postponed, ignored or pushed back.

* Marcelo Mendes Santos is the IT CISO at NEO

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