Data scientist and cybersecurity researcher are the most in-demand professions

Turn data into business. This is the challenge for experts in the field of Exact Science – they are required to work on technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI), based on data in action and publishing information.

Data scientists, programmers, cybersecurity analysts and artificial intelligence specialists are among the professions that have the greatest demand in software engineering and information technology, according to a survey of companies that stand out now in the digital age carried out by Senai, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and the German Office for Cooperation.


Now, the biggest challenge for these entrepreneurs is to humanize the vast amount of information available. “Several surveys with CEOs around the world have found that one of the biggest concerns of CEOs today is the transformation of the amount of data available in business plans. experts can to transform data into business value”, says Edilene Santana Santos, coordinator of the graduation of Accounting, Finance and Analytics at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ School of Business Administration (EAESP-FGV).

The controller encourages innovation in data usage. “It is necessary to add this new dimension to traditional accounting data to improve business decision-making”, says Edilene, remembering that FGV has created a degree in Accounting, Finance & Analytics to train the business can fill this gap in the market.


The World Economic Forum has planned the opportunities of the new economy and points to artificial intelligence and data, as well as engineering and cloud computing, as some of the sectors that stand out among the years 2020 to 2022. These areas will account for 28% of businesses in the growing industries. According to the report, disruptive technology skills will be critical to the future of work.

In another edition, STEM professions (acronym for actions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are seen as a demand rather than a disease. This is the report “The future of post-covid work” made by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). According to the publication, this area will receive more attention as the population grows and incomes rise. Another reason is the increasing need for people with the skills to create, implement and maintain new technologies.

In this way, the programmers have an idea. For professor Wagner Sanchez, pro-rector of the Centro Universitário Fiap, planning is a necessary skill in the coming years, regardless of the area of ​​business activity.

“All businesses of the future need technology. Not only if you want to be a programmer in the future. Programming helps with other skills like problem solving, development in creative thinking and help in other subjects like Science and Mathematics.Sanchez.


After studying Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering and working with Chinese medicine, it is the world of technology that fascinated Filipe Grahl, 31. He is studying Cyber​​​​ Defense at Fiap and works in the area of ​​threat intelligence for a multinational company.

“I joined the class and I really loved the subjects, because it makes you laugh all the time, you’re always learning something new. It’s like the enigma that you always solve mysteries”, said Grahl. According to the student, the area he knows best is threat intelligence “because it collects data and turns it into intelligence”. “In this way, it helps to prevent or identify any type of attack or vulnerability of any cybercriminal group,” he said.

Other areas of expertise for professionals trained in Cyber ​​​​Defense include systems, testing, network analysis, and threat intelligence. All are warm to the world of work, according to Grahl, who appreciates that he went to find his first job opportunity. “Four offers came out, you need to have knowledge to enter the market, know what you are talking about and understand what you are doing. Different technologies are developed every day, and it is necessary get someone to properly organize these environments. keep the information confidential.”

“The cybersecurity engineer works on the company’s defenses and provides what is needed to organize and develop so that data is protected and no product or service is threatened by an external threat,” he said.


In addition to creating trends and connecting to the world of work, Wagner Sanchez believes that technology can help change education. “It is possible to change the education and take it to another level using the exponential techniques available and new ideas. , to be more happy, so that he can achieve his dreams and become a strong citizen to build a better world for everyone”, he said.

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