Daze and anger mark Bolsonaro’s new world tour – 09/21/2022

If, from a historical point of view, it is common to look at world politics from the point of view of the economic interests of countries, especially in this century, we have seen the need to consider the role of love and themes. in policy formulation. The ‘Need to participate’ and ‘fear’ are two of the most important things of our time – not only at the right time, they have been heavily influenced in shaping the words and actions of various leaders. around the world. In recent days, in the case of Brazil, we have been able to find an important indication of how this works.

When Jair Bolsonaro visited London to walk the path of Elizabeth II, we saw, widely, the extent of the ‘need to participate’ as the leader of the Brazilian presidential team. It was reflected in the group’s interest in the event. When attending the funeral of the queen, Bolsonaro and his guests seemed happy about the event, as if they could not believe that they were going to a celebration that they did not they think they should go. In addition to the type of electoral tourism that has been based on the places where the president has passed, the social media has been flooded vlogs, selfies and photos suitable for inclusion in a family album.

It’s a “crazy job,” said Silas Malafaia, whose involvement in the current campaign is unknown, as he has no official position. On Instagram, First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro was seen smiling after her artist, who was proud of him as someone who “honors the work of the country”, while taking the time to share relationships of the factory to make the dress for the event (24). hours a day and away, he pointed out), in addition to the laundry service and shoe store he operates. The history of a work that is often presented by historians in haute couture weeks, but little in keeping the role of the first lady behind a version of that status.

From a political point of view, it doesn’t matter; on the contrary. In addition to not establishing any productive dialogue with the British leaders during his trip to London, the president also collected gaffes and was criticized: he made inappropriate comparisons about the fuel prices in both countries, when visiting a gas station in the city; it attacked the TSE again, raising doubts about Brazil’s election; was irritated at being asked about the campaign’s electoral use; emboldened supporters who threatened media professionals; In addition to making embarrassing scenes laughing while giving love to the newly proclaimed king Charles III, who recently passed away his mother. The international press covered all the details. “Bolsonaro broke into mourning,” said the conservative The Times. Supporters don’t respect the United Kingdom’s time, says a British citizen who has gone viral on social media.

In New York, on the other hand, the sense of ‘fear’ manifested itself most clearly. Using the UN rostrum as a platform, the president described a Brazilian story in an attempt to protect his legacy. He talked about a successful business (emphasizing only the relevant numbers), in the strong fight against cancer, he confirmed that, under his government, corruption was defeated and prevented the the country’s environmental program, and its scientific policy and support for innovation. For all these parts, there is a lot of data, all of them are widely distributed, showing the page. But what continues to draw attention is that, in addition to lies or half-truths, the president’s statement, as usual, refers to people like with it, avoid an anti-system situation.

The story has the image of ‘a martyr’ who is responsible for acting as a ‘treasure’, to use the word that the president himself mentioned in his speech. It seems that there is no “cure” for Brazil outside of its leadership. Even after 4 years as president, more than 30 in public life and a well-negotiated marriage with the ‘centrão’, Bolsonaro does not want to be carried away by the idea that he is part of the establishment. It condemns everything that came before it, insinuates the need to fear those who see the world through other lenses, demonizes the opposition, suggests that we should be controlled by new dictators, including the mainstream media, make it a constant target.

With all this, he positioned himself as a spokesman for a ‘pure society’ that needed a natural leader to replace it. It captures, by way of sadness, the thoughts and feelings of those who always feel on the sidelines, and those who fear spirits that disturb their comfort and stability of vision. It creates, in an alphabet soup without a lot of cohesion, conservatives sensitive to the program of traditions, economic leaders who seek the benefit of their own business and political organizations that own it. eager to keep themselves in power. It drags, through the networks, people who are very clear, against what the great ideas of history have taught us. Most of them were affected by a strong and destructive wave of anger.

Politics is being done “with the liver” and the “Homeland becomes the henchman of personal idiosyncrasies”, to use a famous phrase of Ulysses Guimarães. The price of all this, in terms of popularity, will come in the long run for Brazil.

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