Diniz defends the style of the game with short touches to the ball outside: “Like a tight rope”

Fluminense has lived a week of intense emotions. On Thursday, the tricolors were eliminated from the Copa do Brasil by Corinth. On Sunday, the team kept the dream of winning the Brazilian championship by beating Flamengo.

Coach Fernando Diniz was asked about his game system and the problem of short openings between the defenders at the beginning of the games. The coach defended his behavior and regretted the goals allowed against Korineto in the balls that were released.

“The way we follow the tightrope. Those who walk sometimes fall. Those who practice, give a show. Made to kick the ball. But we want to while others believe that the work of the new is necessary. friends are goodo SportTV.

Diniz talked about the plan to beat Flamengo, which is at a good end this season.

“Obviously, I stuck to the middle, because Flamengo is one of the few teams in Brazil that has a very good game inside, and the people are dead and dying. in front of the goal. So it was we know there we can score goals. We have to defend there, then they do”, he evaluated.

Fluminense finished the round in third place in the Brazilian competition, with 48 points. The team is just one point behind Internacional and nine behind leaders Palmeiras, with 11 rounds to go.

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