Discover the top cyber threats for gamers

Kantar IBOPE Media reports that Brazil is the sixth country with the highest average playing time per day among players in the world.

Brazil is the 6th country with the highest average gaming time per day, according to a study conducted by NordVPN that shows the time spent by Brazilian gamers. game. Of the 91 hours connected per week measured by NordVPN, for almost 4h (3h53) Brazilians are playing online games, such as Fortnitefor instance.

Kantar IBOPE Media reports that Brazil is the sixth country with the highest average daily playing time among players in the world. Statistics reports, the monthly publication of the company that did the research, also shows that Brazil is in the 15th position in the world of gamers, reinforcing the data collected by NordVPN.

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This ‘hyper-connectivity’ is due to the spread of technology in the country: more than 81% of the population has access to the internet, according to the ICT Households survey, carried out by the Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society (Cetic).

By spending a lot of time on online gaming, this opens up opportunities for cyber threats, such as trying to find your login and password and hacking your network, including Using your data to sell it on the dark web or as a payment method in other ways. platforms. Daniel Markuson, cybersecurity and privacy expert at NordVPN, mentions 4 ways hackers use to breach accounts.

“Whether in free or paid games, there are threats and the players themselves often leave the door open to threats, but it is possible to reduce them and be able to have fun without sacrificing to safety,” said Daniel.

What are the main threats?

weak passwords
“To complete an attack, a hacker only needs your username or email address. Then they use a bot to try all the passwords in their database until they succeed or they go through the entire list with no luck.

Data breaches and leaks
“They are another golden password for hackers. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to protect yourself, because it depends on the cyber security of the company that protects your data. If they keep their passwords confidential, they may end up on the dark web in the hands of a hacker.

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Complete confirmation
“If you reuse passwords on multiple accounts, you may suffer from an authentication attack. If your credentials have already been leaked or a hacker has breached one of your other accounts, they may try to reuse the same login details on other sites. If you have used the same password for your gaming account and your online banking account, you could be in big trouble .”

“Spoofing on the internet is another attack method that is widely used by hackers to steal your personal information. Some web servers do not re-verify the authentication every time they change the information. Hackers use this vulnerability to inject scripts into a user’s website, which can be used to steal information entered on that website.”

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