Do you know your blood type? It may be more important than you think

IS IT Have you ever met someone who doesn’t know what blood type they have? It is not something that comes to mind every day, but it is important in a healthy state, for example. There are other conditions that you should be aware of, because it can give you advice on other types of diseases.

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Types A, B, AB and O are common parts. Then there are variations based on the ‘rhesus’ antigen. Where you need a transfusion, this information must be given to the medical team, because there are blood types that are not suitable.

Recent studies have shown that blood type is associated with a higher risk of certain diseases, including heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, more people with blood type A, B or AB, for example.

The risk of thrombosis is higher in people with blood type A and B. Likewise with pulmonary embolism or in cases of heart failure. People with blood type Loss of immunity to a serious disease resulting from Covid-19.

They have a low risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. The situation changes when we talk about hemorrhages.

However, doctors do not say that routine activities are necessary for people with certain blood types. “A balanced diet and a healthy heart is usually what the doctor says,” explains Douglas Guggenheim.

He believes that in the future doctors will be able to treat diseases like blood group.

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