Eduardo Moreira, the former investor, stopped the speeches because of threats from bolsonaristas – 09/21/2022

Highly sought after to give advice on the economic situation in Brazil, former banker Eduardo Moreira has canceled a number of appointments scheduled in the coming months to protect his security. . A strong critic of President Jair Bolsonaro and his government, he has received threats of various kinds, including death, since, in May 2020, his name was included in a report ordered by the Finance Minister to identify “detractors” of the policy. played by the president. Minister Paulo Guedes. As the election approached, the threats became more frequent – and bolder.

“These are very serious words, people say that I should be careful when I go to the street, that I am a ‘dirty communist'”, Moreira said in the column. “And some important notes.”

An interview given by the former banker last year, criticizing the dire situation of indigenous people in the city of Dourados, in Mato Grosso do Sul, also provoked a wave of violence.

“That’s when the death threats started,” Moreira recalled. “It has been more than a century, in the form of ‘let’s release this person’, ‘don’t worry if this person doesn’t show up again’, until the end of a shooting group to announce against me. “.

The report about the threats was made yesterday, during the ICL Notícias newspaper program, which Moreira is presenting on his YouTube channel. In that area, he spoke on the news from Monday to Friday, making harsh criticisms of Bolsonaro.
The threats continued, but as the election approached, they increased again. “I started getting messages that I didn’t get before. Videos of people I know, adults, some of them in college, saying if I don’t apologize (about the criticism president) I will pay with my life,” he explained.
Instead of messages on social networks, Moreira began to take what he called “fear” in some of my trips. Sometimes I was followed for a kilometer. “It happened a month and a half ago. That’s when I decided to stop my tours and my speeches for a year,” said the former banker. Now, his routine is marked by extreme mobility and protected by a security team.
Many of the threats were not punished. After suing the perpetrators of terrorism in court, Moreira managed the social media companies to find one of them, who was sentenced in court to pay the fine, cancel the accounts on digital platforms and appeal to the public. The ransom was given to the social work of Father Julio Lancelotti and indigenous groups.
He held Bolsonaro for the threats he and others received to question the government. “The president has allowed these people to act in this way, without fear of punishment”, assessed Moreira. “These people don’t think that Bolsonaro is the president of everyone, they think that they have taken power for themselves.

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