Eight out of 10 Brazilian companies predict an increase in investment in cybersecurity in 2022

Customer information strategies also need to protect customer and employee data.

Caution is general. Cybersecurity has never been more popular in organizations. Eighty-three percent of Brazilian companies predict an increase in rent in this area in 2022. The percentage is higher than the world opinion, where 69% of companies expect this increase . The data is for research purposes Global Environment Outlook 2022, reported: 36% of companies in Brazil are looking to achieve revenue growth between 6% and 10%. 33% predicted an increase of 15% or less.

Studies show changing business attitudes to data management. In Brazil, this movement has gained strength from the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), which requires companies from all sectors to protect the data of customers of their products and services. A concern that should be extended to all aspects of business and society as well. “The LGPD is a way to make the public and businesses aware of the importance of data protection, focusing on the protection and privacy of individuals and businesses,” said Ricardo Zanlorenzi, CEO of Nexcore, a technology company focused on communication between. brands, and people.

And CX strategies (shopping experience) is closely related to this treatment. In the case of the platform omnichannel, developed by Nexcore, although the company offers a digital solution, the data is available to the company that rents the service. In this way, all information must be protected by the company.

“Companies own and protect the data stored on their platform. Therefore, the company must hire us to provide a safe place to store the data”, explained Ricardo Zanlorenzi. According to Nexcore’s CEO, this allows all information to be available to the contractor, while respecting privacy and employees. “We comply with the LGPD and we do not store data, with the goal of protecting the safety and privacy of customers,” he said.

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Only a third of organizations worldwide have effective data protection practices in place, survey finds Global Environment Outlook 2022. However, no organization is exempt from compliance with this law. If the company does not comply with the rules of the LGPD, there is the possibility that the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) will open a procedure that can issue a warning, punish or block the data by about sin. “Therefore, it is important that the team of the office looks at the rules and the cyber security of the company”, he emphasized.

The study shows that the involvement of higher education institutions is important for policy development in this area. According to the survey, CEOs with the best cybersecurity scores in the past two years are 14 times more likely to provide effective support to the Chief Executive Officer (CISO). In spite of this, 77% of Brazilian leaders and 75% of global managers have shown that organizations are struggling with technology, data and work environments. The research also shows that they know that this challenge can increase cyber and privacy to alarming levels..

According to Ricardo Zanlorenzi, General Managers should know the LGPD and the measures against cyber attacks. “It’s a two-way street. Business owners need to support the technology team in order to protect business information and protect the privacy of employees and customers. At the same time, during a cyber-attack, CEOs must be able to count on the IT team to solve the problem quickly,” he concluded.

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Nexcore was born 10 years ago with the purpose of building the best communication platform between companies and people with a high level of communication. The industrial company from Paraná is a reference in the sector in Brazil and is also present in the international world, located in Colombia, Mexico, Angola, Germany and Mozambique. It is part of the CX strategy (customer) of 200 companies, with a business of more than 20 thousand active users in national and international companies in different sectors. Through the Nexus Omni Cloud omnichannel platform, it helps to transform the communication between companies and customers in a simple, intelligent and human way. More information: www.nexcore.com.br.

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