Elizabeth II and style: a queen with style – 09/09/2022

Queen Elizabeth II did not abuse nature. But the king’s style, marked by flowery hats and colorful designs, helped build his image and, in some cases, convey political messages.

It’s not Queen Elizabeth II kind of dangerous. But the king’s style, marked by flowery hats and colorful designs, helped build his image and, in some cases, convey political messages.

Silvano Mendes, from Paris

In June of this year, when Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, the British people were relieved. Despite the health problems of the 96-year-old king, he appeared to be in good health. But many questioned the choice of her dress, a lavender red ensemble that clashed with the bright colors that showed off her public features.

The colors used by the queen are the subject of attention, seen as a subliminal message from the king. As in 2017, when the United Kingdom struggled during the Brexit negotiations and Elizabeth II appeared in front of Parliament, in a speech about the country’s divorce from the European bloc, dressed in a blue shirt over a blue and yellow flowered shirt, and a hat. in the same colors. Although she could not give her opinion about it – one of the conditions of her role – the princess was clearly dressed in the colors of the European flag, in an act that many saw as touching measuring his support for the block.

The queen’s dress is a subject of interest, due to a trend that has changed little over the years. If until the 1970s, he always dared to change his style of clothing, after the time, the king used a constant silhouette in all his appearances.

The king prefers dresses or suits and shirts with smart and uniform styles. Just the details? unknown? it is on the hem of the clothes that small weights are sewn in order to avoid problems in case of wind.

However, if the patterns are neutral, the colors are almost always the same, in what has become a trademark of royalty. Canary yellow, citrus green, cobalt red, hot pink, orange… The queen is not afraid to dare to bold tones, in a design that has a direct goal: in a public event, the king can be seen from a distance in the middle from the public, to the pleasure of his subjects and photographers, but to relax his security groups, who can follow all the movements of the king if problem

Same bag since 1968

In addition to clothes, the Queen of England has some accessories related to accessories. She wore brooches in almost all her clothes, the most precious of which was a model cut from the largest diamond ever found in the world, the Cullinan. On the head, extra hats, with flowers, feathers or feathers, always make their appearance and, of course, the crown in many cases.

Another thing is that the queen has been wearing the same bag since 1968. It is a piece designed for the king by the British brand Launer, which has become the official supplier of leather goods to the royal family. The model is not for sale and Elizabeth II has 200 copies in her wardrobe, in every possible color.

According to her close friends, in addition to carrying her mints, the queen used the bag to protect herself from “inappropriate” behavior. The royal experts said that during the reception, when the king passed the bag from his left hand to his right, his team already knew that the speaker was boring him and quickly stopped it. in the discussion.

Queen at Fashion Week

But outside of the times of the official presentation, the queen adopted a more “relaxed” style, wearing woolen cardigans, quilted jackets, casual jackets of high hunters, ai No good old people. trench, mainly used during the rainy season. Also, he almost always covers his head with a scarf tied to his chin. The assistant, by the way, was taken in the past seasons by new young men and women.

Pretending or mocking, the king is not far from the fashion world. Like 2019, when he decided to ban animal fur from his clothes, following the trend. free wool took on the catwalks. Or in 2018, when he appeared, “surprisingly”, at London Fashion Week, at a presentation by British designer Richard Quinn. A well-thought-out marketing strategy should reflect the soft power British style, as the couturier won the Queen Elizabeth II award for British design.

That day, he shared the spotlight with another “queen”, Anna Wintour, the director of the magazine. Vogue The American woman, sitting behind him in the front row, was turning away the photographers. The photos have gone viral, even if no one remembers the collection. On the other hand, everyone knows that Elizabeth II is different from others.

Although the audience was full of guests wearing black or bright colors, the king wore a gray dress, in other situations to look out but, in front of the crowd surrounding him that, all eyes were drawn to the king, elsewhere. proof of his mastery of nature as a communication tool.

(Text originally published during Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022)

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