‘Enemy Fashion’, team wear is like a good outfit – 09/19/2022

A big cliché on social media is to find comments and videos about men complaining about the fact that one of them always wears a football shirt for days. In some of them, the part becomes a joke because it is the scene chosen from the movies in a romantic party. Although the other person is “well dressed”. Here’s another valuable tip: fan clothing isn’t easy.

During the World Cup, with shirts from the Brazilian team, for example, sold a few hours after receiving, this is impossible. However, the old enemy of fashionistas is now part of a trend that dominates social networks, especially TikTok: blokecore.

With more than 120 million views on the platform, models featuring sportswear t-shirts have become a trend. viral. O the time help, of course. Although it is not new, the user is exposed to the user, outside the network, in a process.

It started in England, with the young Englishman Brandon Huntley, one of the first to shoot the thoughts much to your videos.

The looks he puts together are more than just wearing a football shirt. It is important to point out. The beauty of this model is restored, like in the year 1990. How does this work? The piece is combined with jeans with wide or straight legs, and Adidas sneakers. Remember: the Adidas Samba became the most popular sneaker of the last quarter.

It is important to remember that comfortable clothes, such as outerwear, oversized t-shirts and sneakers have become popular in recent years. This is also what drives the blockcore interest. This is thanks to the various designers and clothing stores that are constantly looking at those clothes that make the comfortable sportswearwith parts to complete the field.

for everyone

Both men and women have already put football shirts on their wardrobes. The ways of decorating the look from these vintage models, to men’s clothing, such as pieces combined with shirts and button-down shirts, for the female audience.

Road Style | team shirt

Photo: Getty Images

Road Style |  Team Shirt - Stock Photos - Stock Photos

Road Style | team shirt

Photo: Getty Images

Road Style |  Team Shirt - Stock Photos - Stock Photos

Road Style | team shirt

Photo: Getty Images

In fact, for some time now, fan clothes have become more attractive – in addition to being made with high technology, such as sweat control, for those who use them outside joy or taking the stage, as in work. . exercise at the gym, for example.

high quality sports

The great signs have taught us that this will happen, at one time or another.

Demna’s controversial and controversial Balenciaga is one of them. The French brand has released a shirt, which brings the gallery as the company’s coat, in its Fall/Winter 2020 collection. It’s been a long time. When it is sold, it can be found in your body for R $ 3,700.

The piece is made of premium, medium-weight cotton, with a wide, oversized cut, with dropped shoulders and a collar designed to steer between the line of sportswear and luxury.

In addition to Balenciaga, Versace also entered this world. In 2014, the Italian brand presented the White Football T-Shirt, which follows the same idea: a football shirt for those who want to join the fashionista club.

Balenciaga Football Shirt - Reissue - Reissue

Balenciaga football shirt

Image: Repeat

Versace Football Shirt - Show - Show

Versace football shirt

Picture: Show

more than a dress
It’s a lifestyle

Having been in Brazil for a long time, the custom of wearing a team shirt has become a European trend - Getty Images - Getty Images

Already in Brazil for a long time, the practice of wearing a team shirt has become a common practice in Europe.

Photo: Getty Images

Blokecore, in other words, is more than just wearing a look that features club wear. In the videos, of the fans, it was spent in the lifestyle: the users are seen drinking large glasses of beer and listening to British punk rock music.

Here in Brazil, samba is very popular. Or a pagoda. There is an ocean of cultural differences, although these are united by time.

In fact, as I was born in the UK, this lifestyle is much better here. Otherwise, it is a part of our daily life. Not only young people, who now understand and relate to fashion, but also the parents of millennials and Generation Z. After all, clothes are not the only fashion. .

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