European kitchen tiles; See some examples of success “here and there”

Palmas, September 21, 2022, by Keila Carlos – Truth is different kitchen tile Introduced every day to the market, more and more things like European models. However, you need to find the best products to spend your money in in order to receive them, right?

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So, in the article below, you will see, not only the best kitchen tile in the European style, but you will understand, for example, their difference from the famous tile. Staying on top of these details is important when shopping, and we’ll explain everything to you. Read till the end and know more now.

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What is the difference between tile and tile?

First, before actually talking about the type of kitchen tiles, we want to explain the difference between them and the tiles, which are widely known.

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In this way, the tiles are ceramic coverings that differ from the tiles because they are not porous. Therefore, in their case, they give the right to use liquid materials.

Therefore, it is common to find this material on the walls and, depending on the manufacturer and/or model, placed on the floor. very interesting, huh?

What are the types of kitchen tiles?

So, after understanding the difference between tiles and tiles, we will show you the common types. So you can improve your kitchen decor. This is because, according to an article created by the internet UOL, on March 5, 2021, by Silvia Montico, tiles can be used in different rooms, such as the kitchen, and, although the pieces are considered retro, although they are part of the 19th century , more alive and timeless. never!

Retrieved from the Uol/ Nossa Casa website

Geometric and floral tiles

In this sense, in the style of this type of kitchen tile, flowers are not finished. But you need to know how to match it according to your decor. That is, if you choose a beautiful piece of flowers, stick to unique and wood tones.

The same goes for geometric objects. In this way, even though they draw a lot of attention, the rest of the space should be connected, because the tiles are the main thing.

Kitchen tiles: colorful and simple

Finally, the edge is seen in the kitchen tiles that are colorful and simple. When you make these models, always try to stick to colors and fun things in the decoration. In fact, the best advice is to use the color of the tile to create a color palette in your kitchen.

With that, there is flexibility if you go for black and white tiles, because you can add things of different colors behind them! But what? Want to know more about the kitchen tile? Let us know in the comments what you think and, if you want the right tips for your home, don’t forget to enter more tips at Home and Farm!

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