Experience Olympic training session is now open

The National Service for Industrial Learning of the Federal District (Senai-DF) held the opening of the 2022/2023 Knowledge Olympics on the night of Monday, July 25th. The event, held at Taguatinga School, was the start of training for Senai-DF students for WorldSkills – the world’s largest competition for professional skills.

To join the WorldSkills preparation group, students must register and take a written test. The best competitors were interviewed and now the team of competitors of Senai-DF has been formed.

In addition to the youth in the federal capital, there are students from technical and vocational training courses participating in the Knowledge Olympics training in Senai schools across the country. At the end of the preparation, the students compete in national selections to select the best in each profession to form the Brazilian delegation to compete at WorldSkills.

The world cup is held every two years and the next edition, the 47th in history, is expected to be held in the city of Lyon, France, in September 2024.

“WorldSkills is a showcase for new talents and a gateway to the job market. Students will become top professionals, self-disciplined, responsible and dedicated. These criteria can change lives”, said and the coordinator Sesi and Senai-DF Educational Competitions, Eliséia Tavares.

To compete for a place at the national level, competitors will train until September 2023. During this time, they will be regularly evaluated to reach the professional rating they are competing for. They are standardized to measure performance, skill, delivery and time to complete the test. In the whole process, there will be good things in it to define what will replace the DF in the election.

25 7 2022 Opening Knowledge Olympiad Photo Victor Hugo Pessoa CAPA2At the international level of the competition, where the target will be in Brazil, the young people must achieve levels of excellence when performing tasks such as those performed in that this day in the life of the business or service industry.

Jefferson Almeida, a former competitor and Masonry Construction industry instructor, spoke to the audience at the conference about the experience and challenges of entering the competition. “There are many things that support a student to stand out and reach a place on the podium. They are: the house, things and teachers. Senai provides these tools and encourages the achievement of medals through education. It’s a tough job, but it’s great,” he said. Jefferson won third place in the 2012 trial and earned the DF’s first sitting medal. Today He is the instructor and supervisor of the area in Senai-DF.

Senai-DF will facilitate 23 functions:

Used in covering

Cloud Computing – Cloud

Digital Construction – BIM

Building stones

Graphic design

Electrical Engineering

Electric House

electronic industry

Auto Body Shop

Installation and maintenance of the Internet

Hydraulic and gas included

Agriculture and Land Management

The collaboration

Equipment Equipment

Auto Mechanics

Refrigeration Mechanics


Car Paint

Decorative Painting

Mobile Robot

Cyber ​​Security

DryWall and Plaster Systems

Textile manufacturing technology

The professional education director of Senai-DF, Kátia Lisboa, and the director of Senai Taguatinga, Keison Souza, participated in the event.

Text: Dayane dos Santos

Photos: Victor Hugo Pessoa/Senai-DF

Senai-DF Broadcasting Office

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Experience Olympic training session is now open

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