Fatec Vestibular adds the Cyber ​​​​Defense Course to the wall

The study will be offered at the Faculdade de Tecnologia de Jundiaí in the second half of 2022; Applications for the nomination process are open until June 28.

The growth of cyber crimes and attacks is a challenge facing governments, organizations of all sizes and individuals. Hackers use the vulnerability of electronic devices, from a simple phone to a complex information system of an organization, to carry out intrusions that can cause serious damage.

To meet the demand for cybersecurity professionals, the Paula Souza Center (CPS) created the Cyber ​​​​Defense course at the São Paulo State Technology College (Fatec) in Jundiaí. It is designed to provide students with the knowledge for a comprehensive technical training that will enable them to work effectively.

The curricular matrix of the new course, which is part of the information and communication technology axis, will establish basic subjects and computer technologies. It provides students with a solid foundation for legal theory, understanding information such as international regulations and current laws, topics such as Notions of Law, Legislation Applied to IT and Industrial Intellectual Property and Patents. “Currently, this information is necessary due to the large list of laws and specific orders related to information technology and Cyber ​​​​Security”, explained the editor of the course, Benedito Cristiano Aparecido Petroni.

According to him, the courses focused on Auditing in Information Security Systems and Applied Forensic Expertise are different from the course and give the student the ability to work as a forensic expert in institutes, courts, arbitration offices and districts, and forensic development. advice.

To compete for a place in this category or 80 class options, interested parties must register for the Fatecs Vestibular of the second half of 2022. The deadline is until 3 pm on June 28 The tests for the selection process will be held on July 17, in person.

Access report

Vestibular offers 17,615 spaces, distributed among 75 districts in the state of São Paulo. In order to compete for a place in the selection process for the second half of 2022, interested parties must have completed high school or equivalent, indicating completion on the date of registration.

Must register online at www.vestibularfatec.com.br. It is necessary to complete the form found in the list “Candidate Area” and the socioeconomic questionnaire. After correctly filling in the requested information, the candidate must pay the registration fee of R$ 91 in cash, at a bank branch of his choice, or online, through the application bank or with a credit card, through the tool available on the Vestibular website. Payment must be made by the closing date for registration.

When filling out the information, it is necessary to select a first option and, if desired, choose a second option, in any Fatec and time. Courses, vacancies, times and admission categories are described in the Candidate Handbook, available on the selection process website and on the Paula Souza Center (CPS) page.

Information on the requirements for vacancies and guidelines for applying can be found here (www.cps.sp.gov.br/abertas-as-inscricoes-para-o-vestibular-das- fatecs-do- Segundo-Semestre ) or on the Vestibular website www.vestibularfatec.com.br.

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