Fatecs (SP) registration for Vestibular 2022/2

The technical foundations of the state of São Paulo (Fatecs) has opened today, May 25, registration for Vestibular 2022/2. The deadline continues until 3 pm on June 28. The price is R$91.

Apply for Vestibular 2022/2 Fatecs SP

Applications for exemptions and reduced registration fees are already received from candidates who have completed or are completing high school through the Youth and Adult Education (EJA) program and have the household income up to twice the minimum wage.

According to Fatecs, 6,000 application fee waivers and an unlimited number of fee reductions will be offered. The list of recipients should be released on June 13.


Fatecs admission 2022/2 offers 17,615 places in more than 80 advanced technical courses. Businesses were studied in 75 districts in the state of São Paulo.

A new feature of this edition is the Multiplatform Software Development program offered jointly by Fatecs Itaquera (Capital) and Matão, with 40 places each. The work, released in 2021, has 12 parts.

In addition, the entrance exam in these two new businesses: Cyber ​​​​Defense (40 vacancies in Fatec Jundiaí, at night) and Clothing design (40 places in Fatec Americana in the morning).

Access report

According to this calendar, the voting process is scheduled for June 17, in person. The cards, along with the times and places of the exams will be published on the 14th day of that month.

The exams of the Vestibular 2022/2 of Fatecs SP will consist of an essay and 54 multiple choice questions from subjects studied in high school.

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Don’t stop now… More to come after the announcement 😉

Social inclusion

The Paula Souza Center’s Accrued Score System, which organizes the Fatecs entrance exam, gives additional points to the final grade obtained in the test to future candidates:

  • 3% bonus: students of Afro descent

  • 10% bonus: those who completed high school in the public network

  • 13% Bonus: Candidates who meet both the above conditions

The end

The prediction is that the result of the Fatecs vestibular 2022/2 will be released from 3 pm on July 27th. Candidates have to register online within next two days.

For more details, get this concierge or the Fatecs vestibular website.

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