Find out where to buy your look to enjoy Brazil

The World Cup just started in November, but many people are in the mood, ready to cheer for Brazil and thinking about the luck of the players to win the hexa.

The team’s new kit for the World Cup in Qatar, released in August by Nike and the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), sold out immediately before the sale. The brand, which says it is the shirt that “unites the Brazilians”, has allowed the normal use of the piece-except for the names of the presidential candidates and the religion.

Copies of the official shirt in popular stores are on the street the day after the announcement. But if you want to go beyond the usual t-shirt of choice, the fashion market has already prepared itself and offers some models of dresses, shorts and shorts with the colors of the Brazilian flag, for elaborate scenes. And all of this is taking over social media.

In stores and online stores, like Shein, pieces can be found in green and yellow. A quick search on the word “Brasil” or “Copa” and you will find pieces, such as crochet, from R$19.90.

On Twitter, the designer Felipe Abreu revealed that he is working on the champions for the World Cup. He went viral with pieces made of polyamide mesh with elasticity, which is added to the time of the public, which can be used to perform physical activities.

Parts are available for R $ 99 in advance on the Chain Break brand website.

In March of this year, the brand Piña, by the Carioca designer Abacaxi, launched its new collection at the Museum of Rio de Janeiro. The parade, which was held in the streets of Madureira, featured pieces with ribbons, ribbons, information and the colors of the Brazilian flag.

The stylist has long used the elements of choosing his pieces, but focus on green and yellow. On the brand’s website, you can buy tops for R$50 and sets or dresses from R$200.

The store Espaço Estrelas, in Espírito Santo, released in August a collection of clothes to participate in the World Cup. The best choice of the brand is the swimsuit, which can be used on the beach or as a bodysuit. But the brand also deals in shorts, t-shirts and accessories, such as hats. The store sells its products through WhatsApp.

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