Gkay was surprised by coming out with a R$ 13 thousand glass bag

Again, Gkay, 29, was surprised to show up with a different bag. After the episode in the form of a dove, the actor and digital influencer revealed his new acquisition – a glass bag – the price of R $ 13 thousand.

It’s called Swipe Bag, the bag from the French brand Coperni, and it’s very successful among the celebrities. Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner were previously seen with the piece.

In stories published on Instagram, Gkay shows the assistant and celebrates the new purchase. “You won’t believe what you have here. My bag of Coperni glass has arrived. What fits in it? Nothing! Only my honor, my patience. I’m afraid to touch it. It’s glass. it’s real,” he said. .

In another video, the influencer said that he started receiving criticism for the new thing in his office. “I could see you there saying my bag was rotten. I’d be surprised if you said it was beautiful,” he said.

bold scene

The influencer explained in an interview with “PodDelas” that he does not care at all about the criticism he receives because of the boldness he often shows in public.

“People ask me, ‘How do you do this [críticas]?’ I am the best way, because I am who I am. I like to use the method as a change and display. I want to dare, I want to play,” he said.

“I tried to put in different ways, many things, but there is no way! When you are one sided, you can try, but you are not the model that people set you to follow – and not GKay. and never,” he said.

“I don’t care if I’m cheesy, if I’m done. I fulfilled my big dream when Schiaparelli put me on. I said: ‘Nothing is wrong’. man!”, he celebrated with self-confidence.

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