Harmony: Cryptocurrency Company Stolen $100 Million

Last Thursday night (23), it rained harmonyIt’s a cryptocurrency company, which shows about $100 million stolen in digital currencies. A specialist in the development of decentralized financial blockchains, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and websites that provide loans, Harmony has revealed that it is conducting an investigation with the FBI and other organizations in the cybersecurity industry.

The company reported that the only theft on the Horizon bridge, which is a cryptocurrency exchange on different blockchains, did not reach the BTC bridge, coins and assets stored in decentralized databases. After discovering the error, Harmony announced that it has announced the change and halted transactions from the Horizon Bridge until the investigation is complete.

On Twitter, the team posted: “The Harmony team witnessed a robbery this morning at the Horizon Bridge worth approximately $100 million.

In its latest update, the company wrote: “Our research team is made up of engineers from all over the world, including the US, Greece, India and Cambodia. The team members gave their information to our US colleagues at 8:30 am PST, which began an investigation with our research partners. cyber security.”

Cryptocurrency and NFT theft

Cryptocurrency and NFT thefts are detected. In addition to Harmony, other companies have become targets for criminals. Earlier this month, Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most popular brands of NFTs, announced cyberattack through conflictwith a loss of about R$ 1.7 million.

Also, a Discord scam last year stole user data and cryptocurrencies, with the promise of quick payouts at a low price. According to the British financial market analysis company Elliptic, about $ 1 billion was stolen from blockchain bridges this year.


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