How to develop websites and apps that focus on user experience

When visiting a website or using an application, what the user needs is simplicity and intuitiveness when used. Therefore, programmers and developers need to, in addition to carrying out clean technical tasks, they need to take care of the user behavior to do their jobs.

Every brand needs to build an authentic experience for its users, so that they understand what is unique and what they can offer. The 2022 Retail Report, carried out by Adyen, a financial technology platform, shows that 70% of the 2,000 respondents to the survey do not give a second chance to brands that provide negative experiences, if in the body or technology.

The company, working with players from different sectors, especially the financial, insurance and consumer sectors, is one of its main purposes in creating information. privacy for users.

Information related to user experience

User experience can be found in both physical and digital environments. It should be closely related to brand values ​​and customer needs. In this way, entrepreneurs in this area cannot be carried away by the ideas and mistakes of the market or the company itself, because the information will always depend on what is important to the user.

According to a 2021 study by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), about 82% of Brazilian homes have access to the Internet, and 98% of those who have access to the Internet or are locked out of it a smartphone. Statistics show that Brazilians access the digital world through mobile devices.

Building a good user experience for this user is certainly among the top concerns of technology experts. Given this scenario, designers and developers need to look at some conditions that affect the process of setting up a digital platform.

Not recorded ideas or errors in the area that can help in the development of the work and integration of the final product. Sales represents one of the “stories” that are often published in the area and cannot lead to the work of an information designer, also known as UX Designers. Search:

  • All pages of a website should be visible in 3 clicks

One of the most important stories among UX Design professionals and especially among users, is to enter every page in the ecosystem of a website in 3 clicks. Although there is more interaction between the user and the platform, not every page can be accessed in 3 clicks. A wide range of topics related to information design techniques can be applied to user management.

  • Your username doesn’t sound like you

Another popular story among designers and developers is to base the use of management on self-knowledge. For example, when creating a website for young people, the UX Designer cannot put himself in the place of a young person, but must create tools that appeal to this special audience and learn. In addition, the research and discovery processes carried out by designers must have the user as a center, so implementing empathy is one of the aspects of the project.

  • The app is slow but it works

The slowness of the platforms can directly affect the user experience, which is competitive in many sectors that use websites as the main means of interaction with the public, for example. A delay in loading a page on the website can cause discomfort and user dissatisfaction, so while it works, the application must be fluid and have an optimized response time. .

  • The customer understands all the instructions

When building a website, designers and developers need to pay close attention to their design strategy. The UX Design specialist, in this case, is an important part of this process, since he is the one who maps the taste and behavior of the customer with the brand. Layout, colors and materials are among the topics discussed in meetings between designers, developers and buyers. There must be an agreement between the parties, but the word of the company hired for this should be considered important by the customer who hires him.

Delete user information

User experience designers can be great agents of change, not only within businesses, but across society. It is important to keep up with cultural and behavioral changes in order to build programs that change everyday life.

In addition to continuous improvement, love for users should guide the work of the designer in the construction of the project, so that accidents and problems can be carried out without great trouble.

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