‘I danced in a beer can’

Arielle Macedo watched on TV in her living room, in Rio de Janeiro, Anitta appeared on stage at the Video Music Awards, MTV’s international show, which celebrated the best images of the last year on August 28. The Brazilian singer performed with nine dancers. All the moves the team made – and the ones you’ll make again when you hear a tap from Anitta – came out of Arielle’s head. “It was an indescribable feeling. I cried, of course. I thought: ‘It’s happening’, says Anitta choreographer to the whole world.

But in fact, she has been doing it for 26 years or so, when Arielle was 8. She danced in a school event, forgot the choreography, stopped and started crying. The mother said again, to the audience: “Keep going, don’t stop”. “I carry that attitude with me to this day,” Arielle said. “I wanted to stop halfway. Especially for me, a black woman from a low-income family. I had a big problem. I worked in an açaí shop to pay for dance lessons.”

Twelve years ago, Arielle, a dancer, met Anitta, with whom she began to work. Then, in 2013, the singer asked him to choreograph “Show das Poderosas”, his feet will continue to be in parties of all kinds. Since then, the relationship between the two has been close. “There are times when he calls me and says: ‘I will record a video tomorrow. the fastest. the weakest”, joked the dancer.

“In the beginning, there was no stage. I was dancing on the water table”

Arielle next to Anitta: 12 years together

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Born in a neighborhood in São Gonçalo, in the metropolitan area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, Arielle often laughs with Anitta when they remember the problems they faced at the beginning of her career. The last time on stage was at the Coachella festival in California in April of this year. The event has about 125,000 people a day and brings together the biggest stars of world music.
“He said: ‘Look where we are’. We remember how fast it was at the beginning, there were times when we did a show without a stage, I danced on a table, a beer can “, he said.

Anitta’s group, at the time associated with Furacão 2000, a famous carioca funk producer, was founded by the singer’s mother, who worked as a manager, his brother, producer and with DJ, Arielle and a dancer. “The bus was full. They left Honório Gurgel, then went through Niterói to get another dance and then São Gonçalo, to get me. We did four, five shows in one night. On the way back, the same way… It was a trip”, he recalled.

Childhood with James Brown, MC Hammer and Janet Jackson

The family, he says, is of humble origin: his mother is a porcelain tiler and his father is a driver. But it was the best art school he could have. “My grandmother danced tap, my brothers and sisters danced, as a hobby. My parents met at a beautiful dance hall, and they go to this day, to every Sunday. It’s their church.”

Seeing her singing on stage at the VMAs, by the way, brought her back to the past and reminded her of her father’s cassette tapes with her photos and pictures, which she secretly watched. in his childhood.

“There was no cable TV, so if a movie came on, he would run to tape it. He was very jealous of some of these tapes, with Michael and Janet Jackson, some VMA performances. He kept in a locker. , but I found the key and looked at him when he went to work. I looked and I found the music.”

“Then I saw my music on that stage, which I saw from my house in the recorded images, a green ribbon, should I burn the work? I was thinking about the turns of the world .”

Parents are also responsible for their musical taste. “I grew up listening to James Brown, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson,” he recalled, but pointed out, “All the guys.”

The first woman who hypnotized him became a reference: Janet Jackson. “She’s the queen. When I see her, I don’t know if I can talk,” Arielle said.

In the list of dreams, the person who sits on top will play the Super Bowl, as it is called the last game of the American football championship, which always has the star of the highest pop grandeur to do the halftime show.

You can spin and be smart, yes

The great success of Anitta, the biggest Brazilian pop artist today, has the strong stamp of Arielle, who grew up with the rise of funk to stardom.

With the things he has accumulated so far, he bought an apartment in Rio de Janeiro and a house for his parents. “I have a car, I travel, I study. I do everything with my dancing money, which I was told was useless.”

Regarding the criticism about the music, her songs and her sexual dances, Arielle gives her answer to the ballerina’s style. “Dance gives a lot of freedom. We have no shame, dance is a way of communication. I am always thinking and trying to bring this idea closer to people”, he said.

“The world is sexist, and this is done again by women. But by showing good behavior, we are showing that, regardless of what you do with your body, it has nothing to do with the intellectual part . It’s possible to do, to learn. , and also, to work on your body.”

He also notes that much of this theory is related to the social origins of music. “We’re talking about entertainment, it’s not just about dancing, there’s a whole culture, from the favela. There’s also a racial problem. of many girls like me,” she said. .

“With my little voice, I want to give hope and show that you can go where you want.”

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