importance and tolerance for each type of body

Even as children, we learn in school that today’s Brazil is the result of the fusion of different races.

In the beginning, our population was aboriginal people, with the most amazing features. In the 15th century, the Portuguese and Spaniards arrived, and soon after brought Africans.

Over the years, immigrants arrived from all over the world, including Arabs and Japanese.

Considering this history, it is easy to understand that Brazilians have different physical characteristics, because there is a lot of miscegenation.

All this history has shown the idea that Brazilian women are among the most beautiful in the world, which is also the target of songs, such as the famous “Garota de Ipanema” by Tom Jobim, with many other things.

However, despite this, there is no way to imagine a single state of beauty. Unfortunately, even today there is little representation of women, which is one of the reasons for self-acceptance and self-esteem issues.

With that in mind, we present below some data about the female beauty seen in Brazil, in the world and under the eyes of women. Turn away!

What is the preferred beauty standard in Brazil?

A few years ago, in 2006, SENAI developed a project whose objective was to determine the average measurements of Brazilian women, in order to try to identify the standard of beauty.

Using 3D measuring devices and traveling to the five corners of the country, collecting data from more than 15,000 women, the result was that Brazilian women had about 97 cm bust, 85 cm waist and 102 cm hip.

Despite this result, what is seen in practice is the quality of beauty. The media, which is perhaps the main source of representation of the female image, deals in a very different way.

Although today the situation is good, it is common to see tall and thin women with long curly hair and fair skin in advertisements and soaps.

Interestingly, in a study carried out by the Rede Globo Fantástico program, in 2013, it was found that the desire for female models among Brazilians is very different from what is seen in the media.

Photos of three Brazilian women with very different bodies were taken to the street. One is a loss, the second is a model of the road and the third is a fun song with big buttons.

Without knowing who each of them was, the men and women chose and, in stark contrast to the image shown on television, the preferred character was the third, considered “female “, boasting beautiful curves.

This second study only shows the same interest as the first study, which showed the average measurements of Brazilian women.

How are Brazilian women perceived abroad?

A study conducted by academics on exchange students at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, published in 2019, sought to identify the ways in which Brazilian women perceive abroad.

Using several languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French and Italian, searches were made on the google search engine, with the following words “Brazilian woman”. The results of the available images are very similar in all languages.

Most show women with dark skin and hair and lots of curvy curves, unlike the women we often see on TV.

How does Brazil feel about itself?

First of all, it is important to say that self-esteem is understood as the knowledge and value we give ourselves, that is, the way we feel about ourselves. our appearance, skills, performance, etc.

Women have long had lower self-esteem than men. According to studies, 13% of women have low blood pressure, while among men, this percentage is only 9%.

Fortunately, thanks to the work that women have achieved in society in recent times, self-awareness has improved.

In Latin America, only 38% of women have above average self-esteem.

In 2021, there is a history of falling self-esteem among Brazilian women. Among all age groups, the percentage increased to 21%, compared to 28% in 2019.

These studies have five areas of impact on self-esteem, namely: freedom of body and mind, freedom of thought and expression, financial freedom, relationships human and agent and knowledge.

For Kantar, a multinational leader in the data market, the main role in building self-esteem is brands. The logical conclusion is that fewer of them lead to equality among women.

The importance of acceptance

Considering the research mentioned here, we can see, however, that the majority of women do not feel good about their own image, even when different body types are viewed positively.

Therefore, considering the Brazilian miscegenation and different silhouettes, it is natural that not all women fit the ideal of beauty that is expected on television and in big brands.

Practicing self-awareness and, therefore, self-acceptance every day, women can free themselves from emotional and social relationships and truly achieve love for them down.

Through it, in addition to making more accurate choices and increasing confidence, interpersonal relationships are better, whether personal, romantic or work.

Of course, it is not possible to overcome the selfishness of dreams only with self-knowledge. In these cases, medicine and aesthetics are very important to the desire of women, allowing changes that make them more valuable.

It is known that the idea will not be the same as the other one, but to fix those areas that hurt, like the example of abdominoplasty, correcting the sagging and rhinoplasty, to change the shape and size of the nose.

Appreciate yourself and see every day a little more of your worth and beauty!

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