In 1999, a robot predicted the future in the Xuxa project and everything went wrong.

The video that has gone viral on Cibernética websites shows a conversation with Xuxa about what the world will be like in 2023: ‘We are all good. no war’

Trying to predict the future is something that many people have tried to do throughout history. Although some hits have been given a different form; In short, ideas about how the world will be some time from now will always end up being far from the truth.

One such example is the Cybernetic robot, played by the actor Simone Brunointerviewed by the witness Xuxamanager In 1999, the Xuxa Park project was completed. At that time, the ‘android’ said that he came from the year 2023 and gave a vision of the future for those still living at the turn of the century.

I come from the year 2023. The future is amazing”, began Cibernética.

Among other crimes committed by the robot, which have gone viral on social media, are Sashadaughter of Xuxa who is one year old, will also be a TV presenter and host of Planet Sasha. But he was not interested in a career in television.

Cibernética thanked Rainha dos Baixinhos for her role in informing the Brazilian population of not degrading the environment: “You are one of the main motivators to preserve nature. Thank you, people have seen. There are many animals and plants”.

What will happen next?

The robot continues its ‘deception’ by saying that, when it comes to living, “we are very happy”. “The mood is right. We are all good. There is no war. People know peace.”

Finally, Xuxa asking how his young children are doing, and Cybernetics seems to live in a future: “There is no medicine. There is no violence. The future is bright. Welcome to the future”.

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