Headquarters of the General Election Commission (TSE). (Marcelo Camargo/ Agência Brasil)

This Wednesday (21), the National Day of Struggle for People with Disabilities, the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) has released the number of candidates already prepared by the Electoral Judge who showed the type of disability.

There are 448 in the world more than 27 thousand qualified candidates. According to the TSE, 28 candidates with disabilities were registered, but their applications were rejected.

“Out of a total of 476 registered candidates (including those who were accepted and denied registration), 264 reported a physical disability (53.66%), 115 visual (23.37%), 59 hearing ( 11.99%), 13 autism (2.64%) and 41 of some type (8.33%). Among the records, 306 were male, 169 were female, and none were identified”, said the Election Judge review .

The positions are contested

Among the names in the debate who revealed the presence of disability Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP) is a vice presidential candidate of the Republic on the ticket of Simone Tebet (MDB). The Electoral Council also received four requests to register candidates with disabilities for governor, two for senator, 167 for federal deputy, 284 for state deputy and 15 for district deputy.