Jorginho talks about how Vasco played in the win over Cruzeiro

Vasco went to Mineirão and returned to Rio de Janeiro with 8 wins as a guest in the Brazilian Championship Series B. Cruzeiro won easily by a score of 3 to 0, guaranteeing its place in the national elite and difficult Cruzmaltino in the finals of the competition.

Despite the new prediction, coach Jorginho showed how his team played in the moments of the game. In the opinion of the Vasco manager, the team was better on the field until conceding the first goal.

“Our idea of ​​the game is not to go back, even to attack Cruzeiro. We were able to do that until the 24th minute, although we did not manage to win, but we had the build up , played with the ball in. With two minutes we had two corners, we managed to press, we scored on it, we were not threatened. It was impossible to defend, a ball to defend measure the barrier”, he began.

“But the main thing is that we are not afraid, we are not brave, we think that we can win. The changes will make the team angry. Unfortunately it is not enough, Cruzeiro is a very good team. and we can do it. We didn’t give these chances. It wasn’t a game for three goals. If we had turned the first half 0 to 0, we would have had another second half. They played slowly. and we are looking for a solution,” he said.

The eighth victory in the game from São Januário has started to be cautious in recent weeks. Now, finding himself in an uncomfortable situation, Vasco is preparing for the duel with Londrina, on Friday (29), in Colina Histórica. Jorginho planned the deal.

“Every game is a big decision, this game is a decision, we know that if we win today we will put the pressure on Londrina, with six points ahead of them, so every game our game. in our position.”

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