Jundiaí hosts the event to promote international business

Jundiaí hosts the event to promote international business

Published on 09/20/2022 at 17:28

This Tuesday morning (20) was marked by important reports on the world market. With the theme “International Business Opportunities”, the meeting promoted by the Jundiaí City Hall’s International Cooperation Office, with InvestSP, in addition to Exporta + Jundiaí – which is part of the Jundiaí Empreendedora project -, brings together businesses from different sectors in the O Paço Municipal and joined the four international offices of InvestSP: Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, who presented the business opportunities of each of them.

The Director of Government and Finance (UGGF) José Antônio Parimoschi opened the meeting. “Jundiaí is the seventh company in São Paulo and the 17th in Brazil. We are the 89th city in Brazil in terms of exports and the 19th in the state, with three main partners: the United States, the United States and Chile. Our city contributes one percent of the state’s output. Jundiaí is a kind of economy and this contributes to Brazil’s trade balance, in addition to creating the right jobs. Therefore, this event is important for our city that wants to position itself in a competitive manner in the international market,” he said.

Jose Antonio Parimoschi opened the meeting in Paço

The Vice President of InvestSp, Gustavo Ley, participated in the meeting. “Invest SP connects with all the municipalities and Jundiaí we have a unique relationship because the work that is built here is competent and dedicated. Like São Paulo for Brazil is a good economic center, Jundiaí for São Paulo is a great place for investment. I thank everyone for their work. It is an inspiration to come here and work with you”, he explained.

“Our company is working to find new business opportunities for companies from Jundiai. The help of InvestSP will change everything for those who want to promote their business”, emphasizes the director of Economic Development, Science and Technology (UGDECT), Cristiano Lopes.

The entrepreneur Alexandre Sforsin, from Sforplast, appreciates the work. “This kind of event is very important for us companies. It is important to help us shorten the way of finding foreign customers.

The event was joined by: Silvia Pierson, InvestSP Dubai, José Mário Antunes, InvestSP Shanghai, Fernando Fritz, InvestSP Europe and Mauricio Abadi, InvestSP USA.


Exporta + Jundiaí is a project created in 2017 to promote the city and promote exports. Since February, Balcão Exporta + Jundiaí, which aims to train, promote and implement a great export culture, will be working at Espaço Jundiaí Empreendedora in Maxi Shopping and is organized by International Cooperation Advisor Ligia Contursi Eboli .

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