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This article was last updated on 09/15/2022 at 18:15

The one who made such a mistake, since the beginning of the year Kanye West (but Yes) He used his social media account to complain and criticize his partners adidas and GAP. This Monday (12), the artist announced in an interview with Bloomberg that when his contracts with the two companies expire, he will have to leave and take his jobs with him. The two brands are Kanye’s partners in the creation of the Yeezy line: adidas on the Yeezy x adidas shoe collection and GAP with the clothing collection recently signed with Balenciaga. However, Kanye West accused the two brands of plagiarizing his games and making decisions without consulting him.

Comparison between Yeezy Slide (above) and Adilette 22, a slipper accused of plagiarism. / Image: Repeat

One of the appeals is the use of new silhouettes and color combinations of his pieces made by adidas, and the creation of Yeezy Day. But the reason for the artist’s anger was the release of the Adilette 22 shoes, which Ye accused of being a copy of the Yeezy Slide, made by him. “Nobody’s in that situation where people steal your ideas and say they’re paying you to be quiet, it destroys innovation and creativity. That’s what destroys it.” Nikola Tesla,” the designer told Bloomberg.

According to him, the brand sought to buy his rights for 1 billion dollars and he objected to posts on social networks that received royalties for the use of his works, next year, to take from about 500 million dollars. The war went hand in hand with the GAP. After a long wait for the launch of the YEEZY X Gap Engineered by Balenciaga products and presenting the pieces in plastic bags in stores, the brand has been criticized for giving the beautiful homeless Kanye went on Fox News to comment and defend the act as an act. However, after this event, according to the artist, the group used some references from his creations for the main collection of GAP, which he pointed out as plagiarism.

GAP announced in an internal statement on September 15 that it has ended its relationship with Kanye West. The idea given by the group is that the way of working and the knowledge of the group and the artist are not consistent. The contract is for 10 years and is an important step for GAP, which has sought to revive the brand and introduce it into the labor market.

part of the original GAP line on the right of the photo and part of the YZY x Balenciaga line on the right of the photo / Photo: Reproduction

part of the original GAP line on the right of the photo and part of the YZY x Balenciaga line on the right of the photo / Photo: Reproduction

“I’ve created ideas that changed clothing forever, like the Round Jacket, the Foam Runner and the slides that changed the shoe industry. It’s time to do a new business. There is no more association between me and the public.”

It looks like he will release Yeezy independently. As a first independent move, he created a website and Instagram profile for the brand and plans to open a store in Atlanta. While his fans will be happy to see exclusive releases, it may take a while: the designer has a contract with adidas until 2026.

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