Kendall Jenner updates on ‘freeing the nipple’ with a model worth R$ 22 thousand – 09/21/2022

Kendall Jenner on the catwalk. Or just on the street. However, wherever the model goes, her models are inspirations and references for all of us: the last one is Schiaparelli.

The top model was spotted by the paparazzo on the streets of New York, in the United States, wearing a bustier made of viscose mesh technology, solid black, with ribbed topstitching.

On sale for 4,500 euros, about R $ 22,000, the chest of the piece is decorated with trompe l’oeil breasts handmade with sheepskin covered in gold.

The look is part of Schiaparelli’s Ready-to-Wear collection and, like other collections presented by the brand founded by Elsa Schiaparelli, brings references to surrealism – mostly things made of steel.

On social media, the brand referred to the “free the nipples” movement, a campaign for gender equality, by posting a picture of Jenner: “Free the golden nipple”.

This bustier was first used by singer Anitta in an event held in November 2021.

Anita Schiaparelli

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Schiaparelli has now gained national recognition after the “girl from Rio” wore one of her pieces to the Video Music Awards, where she took home one of the top prizes of the night.

At the time, the Brazilian artist wore a red dress, with a corset marking the waist. The part was inserted into the legs when it was molded to its neck. Most importantly, it’s in bust territory.

The cut neck stood out for its craftsmanship by the Italian factory, as we have seen in the previous collections, which modeled the human body.

Anita  Schiaparelli - Reproduction - Reproduction

Anita Schiaparelli

Image: Repeat

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