L7nnon enters the world of fashion and brands shoes: ‘My identity’ – 09/22/2022

Rapper L7nnon is exploring the fashion world. More specifically, shoes: participate in the creative process of creating a collab with the Kenner brand.

Of the 9 models that make up the collection, the highlight is the Rakka Prime L7 shoe, produced in a limited edition of 777 pairs, which comes with a special box with a stamped production number and with a card with the artist’s letter.

The choice for the size is based on the various characteristics that the number 7 has for the rapper, such as his name Frassetti, family birthdays, beliefs, that is, taking the 7 in his own pseudonym.

“I don’t want to do something and give it to someone. I want to follow. See what I can choose and things. I think it’s very important because it’s a replacement that I appreciate a lot. and because I have knowledge. “, said L7nnon, speaking exclusively for It’s ours.

L7nnon | Knower

Photo: Show/@youknowmyface

“It wasn’t something the brand built, they threw my name out there and we sold it.

With the vision and the path of the artist, the campaign is a show presented in the first place by the young man from Realengo, who dreamed yesterday of achievements, seen and sold in shows by he is still alive today. Mounted on a building in front of Central do Brasil, the point is a landmark in the city.

The model will be distributed in exclusive locations, including the Kenner e-commerce, Redley store and other select stores in Brazil: Dinasty (Your Id), Casa Azul and Nephew Clothing.

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