Learn how to avoid falling for cyber scams

Cybercrime stories are frequent in Brazil at the height of the pandemic. In 2021 alone, 88 billion and 500 million cyber attack attempts will be recorded, according to research by Fortinet, an American cybersecurity company. The study also showed that, compared to last year, there was a 950% increase in attempts at this crime. To protect yourself from attacks, which can lead to financial losses, experts advise users to know and use strong passwords for accounts and applications.

According to Regiane Nascimento, internal control consultant at the business finance company Sicredi Expansão, cyber crimes are widespread and can result in various damages, whether financial or reputational.

“Cyber ​​crimes are those who use computers, computer technology or related electronic devices to commit crimes, causing harm to people and property. , through theft, financial assets, grief or damage to the reputation of those who appear on the site. . In fact, the comparison is wide.” account.

The local security adviser notes that they fall under the classification of cybercrime, from the practice of digital threats, which are usually carried out through social networks, to the burning of malware, which through social engineering or technical vulnerability.

In order to avoid falling into scams, he advises to use strong passwords and be careful when accessing anonymous emails and SMS. “First, keep your data safe at all times. Have strong passwords; don’t use the same passwords for all applications. For example, if you have more than one credit card , more than one account, use different passwords, preferably with different letters, numbers and codes. Take care of the emails you receive. If you have unknown links, always be suspicious, always be aware, don’t click on unknown links”. in charge.

Regiane Nascimento also points out that, nowadays, it is common to attack through SMS and there are scams through this method that are created by offering credit and asking the user to call a message phone 0800. He said financial institutions rarely use it. this route. “If found, do not click on the link sent by SMS, do not call 0800 and do not provide your data”, effort.

Finally, the expert explains the behavior of those who fall into scams. “Your first step is to change all your passwords for all applications, for email, for social networks, and always remember the importance of using strong passwords. And then notify your financial institutions if you have more than one account.Notify the credit card company, also confirm if there is an entry, if there is a payment you did not make and report the event.go,” he said.

In addition to protecting the profile of Internet users, customers and partners of financial institutions, cyber security is one of the pillars of these institutions. At Sicredi, for example, the Information Security and Cybersecurity Policy establishes guidelines, rules and controls at all levels of the company, including managing information security and cybersecurity issues. This policy protects the security of Sicredi’s information.

The credit union also provides the community with a safety book to prevent fraud and forgery. This book can be accessed at this address: https://www.sicredi.com.br/media/cartilha_de_seguranca_digital.pdf.

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