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Fazenda 14, a reality show on Record TV, premiered last Tuesday (13). The project involves celebrities, artists and digital developers who will be stationed for three months at a farm in the town of Itapecerica da Serra (SP).

The show is produced by Adriane Galisteu. In the end, the winner takes home a prize of R $ 1.5 million.

Brasil Escola has presented some of the higher education courses taken by the participants in this edition. Check out the careers of the new rural reality show staff and learn more about the courses.

Deolane Bezerra – Right

Criminal lawyer Deolane Bezerra is from Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco. At the age of 34, he has more than 15 million followers on social media.

Deolane Bezerra is a criminal lawyer.
Photo credit: Playback / Instagram

Deolane graduated from Right at the University of São Paulo (unicide). After completing his university degree, the new entrant to A Fazenda completed a master’s degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at Faculdade Demasio de Jesus.

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Deolane’s chosen profession is legal. However, there are other areas where law graduates can work, such as: prosecutor, judge, public defender, representative, judge, judge, etc. other.

To be able to work as a lawyer, it is necessary to obtain the name of the Brazilian Bar Association Exam (OAB). The assessment is divided into two parts, the first with 80 objective questions from various disciplines in the area and the second with practical exercises.

Learn more in the video below about what the law school is like, the job market and some advice for students and graduates in the area.

Kerline Cardoso – Career Planning

Kerline Cardoso (30) from Ceará from Fortaleza. It is not the first time that the digital developer participated in a reality show, as he was one of the cast of Big Brother Brasil 21 last year.

Kerline graduated from the school of Clothing design at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).

Kerline Cardoso is dressed in red.
Kerline Cardoso has a degree in Fashion Design.
Photo credit: Playback / Instagram

Career designers create catalog projects, photo presentations, videos and websites related to careers in the careers industry.

These professionals create, design and develop products in the textile sector. In addition, they can work in sales, research and as a consultant.

Don’t stop now… More to come after the announcement 😉

Deborah Albuquerque – Journalism and Advertising

Deborah Albuquerque (37) from São Paulo started her TV career at the age of 15. At that time, she joined a group axé Ronaldinhas, in 2000, and in 2010 she was an assistant for the program Legendários on Record TV.

Deborah attended two schools: The Newspaper a Advertising and marketing. In addition to his two degrees, he dedicated himself to training as an actor in the Acting course at the Wolf Maia Actors School.

Deborah Albuquerque is a journalist and broadcaster.
Photo credit: Playback / Instagram

Both of Deborah’s classes are part of an area called Social Communication. In Journalism, professionals can work in areas such as communication vehicles (newspapers, TV, radios and websites) and consulting services for companies and agencies. One of the main tasks of these professionals is understanding from text, video, audio and multimedia content.

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Advertisers are professionals who work with promoting products and services. They are responsible for developing campaigns and advertising campaigns that have the goal of selling. Creativity, courage and curiosity are key qualities to succeed in this area.

Stay on top of life in Advertising and Propaganda in the video below:

Bárbara Borges and Iran Malfitano – Works

Producers Bárbara Borges (43) and Iran Malfitano (40) are part of the cast of the new edition of A Fazenda. Both made the soaps shown in the main one TV in the country, Globo and Record TV.

Barbara Borges is dressed in white
Bábara Borges has a degree in Art.
Photo credit: Playback / Instagram

In the case of Bárbara, the carioca first took place in Senhora do Destino and Malhação, in the paquita of Xuxa Meneghel. Iran Malfitano produced soaps such as A Favorita, Bela a Feia and Malhação. The actress from Minas also worked as a teacher theater.

Iran Malfitano
An Iranian actor and drama teacher.
Photo credit: Playback / Instagram

The acting degree takes four years and includes subjects such as Vocal Technique, Body Expression, Dramatic Interpretation and Scenic Characterization.

Among the professional types of businesses trained are toys, soaps, cinema, TV programs and advertisements.

It is possible to occupy high positions as a director, who is responsible for overseeing and directing a product such as a film or play.

by Lucas Afonso

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