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We’ve selected 6 essential books to get you thinking about sustainability

Vitória Araújo, under the supervision of Isabella Bisordi Published on 03/31/2022, at 19:00

You’ve probably heard the term conscious consumption or sustainable fashion, right? But, after all, do you really know what sustainability really is and why it is so important to achieve it?

Sustainability is the responsibility of reducing the effects produced in all parts of the chain, promoting everything from reducing the emission of green gases and spending energy in their production in the use of water, the use of biodegradable materials and direct emissions. of their districts.

In a world driven by constant change in the manufacturing industry, the main process of clothing and cosmetics continues, but some activities are more creative, such as marketing second hand, has become a new thing of use and aims to change the whole concept of the market.

For those who are smart, the global market for both will only grow! Considering that about 92 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year, eating in a circular way is a fundamental way for the future.

With that in mind, Contigo! The 6 most important books have been chosen to make you think about the world of sustainability! Yes, and the best part is that all jobs are not offered on the Amazon website. Just look:

1. What to Wear?: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Style, by Giovanna Nader (2021) – https://amzn.to/370RM6Y

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Have you ever stopped to think about the impact of a single blouse on the environment? In what clothes?: A practical guide for the sustainable fashion designer, communicator and social activist. Giovanna Nader invites the reader to join a journey to renew their relationship with nature. On these pages you’ll find style tips, techniques to make your clothes last longer and tips on how to save less and get better.

2. Style and Reason, by André Carvalhal (2016) – https://amzn.to/3wTJZTe

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In a connected world, there is strength and victory in the atmosphere in people’s lives. Now we are full of products and we always want more. In recent years, however, this concern of consumers has left society and the environment, and the promise to bring happiness when shopping is not clear. In this work, André Carvalhal considering these contradictions to show and show that it is not enough to work only for money. It is necessary, above all, to find this new perspective, to live and win with purpose.

3. The Kingdom of the Ephemeral, by Gilles Lipovetsky (2009) – https://amzn.to/3Lz1P2i

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The interpretation of a true archeology of the absurd and ephemeral, through thinking that goes beyond the basis of social separation, French philosophy. Gilles Lipovetsky giving shape to an unlimited character, it became a symbol of the changes that marked the emergence of democratic societies. Lipovetsky concludes by showing us that “in the fast film of modern history, among all the screenplays, Fashion is the worst”. Released in France in 1987, The Empire of the Ephemeral provoked a heated debate: some critics criticized it, but others considered it a true leader in the 80s.

4. Diet Change With Self-Esteem: An Informative Marketing Guide, by Cris Zanetti (2019) – https://amzn.to/36ELNVNz

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The concept of “conscious eating” is part of our daily repertoire and more and more people are talking about the nature and sustainability of the choices we make in life. and, above all, in nature. Thinking about how we eat nature from a traditional perspective is a new concern, and no one has all the answers, or definitive answers. For regular use, author Chris Zanetti summarizes the proposed rules to rethink our choices and improve our relationship with money.

5. Fashion Revolution: Journeys for Sustainability, by Eloisa Artuso and Fernanda Simon (2021) – https://amzn.to/3iXgQOM

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Behind the clothes there is something less visible and invisible: work like slavery, the use of natural resources, oppression and the like. However, there are (and are against) people and movements that believe in the power of positive change in nature. Organized by Eloisa Artuso a Fernanda Simon, The book presents the stories of women who are part of the construction of a new chapter in the history of Brazilian fashion, seen through the pillars of sustainability, with their challenges and successes. Designed to encourage and sharpen the spirit of change, the book is an invitation to think and act in a more ethical and ethical manner, honoring people and Nature rather than making money. .

6. Shopping Detox: How to stop shopping and rethink the way you spend your money, Carolina Ruhman Sandler (2017) – https://amzn.to/3tVxdSs

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In this work, the specialist in personal finance Carol Sandler teaches you to think about the way you spend your money. By showing how consumption can harm not only your wallet, but your mind and the environment, he offers an opportunity to change your future. After all, earning money to fulfill your dreams is more important than showing off beautiful clothes, isn’t it?

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