Lula asks for R$13 and leads the public, but funds money 99% of the campaign – 09/22/2022

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Crowdfunding websites show a low contribution of R$13 for Lula, according to the number of candidates in the elections. Until yesterday, there were 3,970 contributions, in six of these public funds, a total of R$ 440 thousand, more than the other candidates for the Presidency, but the amount does not help much in records: it only gives 0.49% of income. . The amount, almost R$ 88 million, is from the electoral fund.


The law requires manufacturers to also cover drugs outside the list approved by the National Health Agency.


It is the Brazilian base interest rate, the Selic. No change, ending a cycle of highs. In the US, the benchmark interest rate rose again, by 0.75 percent, to a range of 3% to 3.25% per year.


After 50 days of launch, 5G is not 5G all the time in São Paulo: “It’s changing a lot for 4G”.


The TSE has banned Bolsonaro from using his speech at the UN.
Albert blow up He says there is an impasse in Bolsonaro’s campaign: the political wing wants a quieter and more informed voice; The Bolsonaro family wants to double down on radicalization in order to maintain a right-wing extremist pole in Brazil. In the end, the president will swing the swing states and the majority of the votes.
Ciro Gomes is not happy with the announcement of the right to vote for Lula. complained Caetano Veloso and Tico Santa Cruz. Even Simone Tebet made a joke. He said that the failure of the election is an improvement in democracy. Thales Faria knows nothing.
There’s no need, you know, this crazy gun-running. Love who? What will Bolsonaro say, and his son say? Yes, the gun people [jamais será escravizado], You know? That’s what Chávez said.
Squidduring an interview with Canal Rural, comparing Bolsonaro with former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.
Lula is said to keep Augusto Aras in the PGR if he wins the election Carolina Brigido.


In São Paulo, a bolsonista punched and shot – then threatened with a knife – an investigator in the Data sheet. In Recife, there is a window with a place PT flag hit the bullets.
And threatening indigenous leader Alessandra Mundukuru led Brazil for the first time UN “dirty list” of countries where activists are punished.


The judge ordered the silence of the meetings of Jair Renan (Bolsonaro’s son 04).

Federal Police Delegate Bruno Calandrini, responsible for the operation that led to the arrest of the former Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro, asked to take statements from the head of the group, Márcio Nunes de Oliveira, from the director of Combating Organized Crime, Caio Pelim ., and two federal police.


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big screen

The movie ‘The Woman King’ with Viola Davis

Photo: Publicity/Sony

There are two beautiful stories this week. One a The Queen, starring Viola Davis as an African military leader. the other find outEverything and nothinga film about Eike Batista who goes beyond evil and helps define Brazil.


around the world

biden - Update / UN - Update / UN

Joe Biden, President of the United States, speaking at the UN General Assembly

Image: Reproduction/UN

Joe Biden He used his speech at the UN General Assembly to respond to the threats made by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He said that “a nuclear war cannot be won, and it must not be fought.”
Zelensky also spoke. He demanded that Russia be punished for attacking Ukraine and ordered to pay damages. He also said that his country needs weapons.
Protests against Putin’s decision to mobilize 300,000 troops for the invasion of Ukraine led to the arrest of more than 1,300 people yesterday.
The New York State Attorney’s Office has announced fraud charges against the former President Donald Trump and three of their children. They are accused of inflating the value of real estate to get loans above what is acceptable.


NASA will launch a spacecraft on an asteroid, with a live broadcast; understand the mission.


world of balls

cruise - Alessandra Torres/AGIF - Alessandra Torres/AGIF

Cruzeiro players celebrate their return to the Brasileirão Serie A

Photo: Alessandra Torres/AGIF

Cruzeiro beat Vasco 3-0 and confirmed their return to Série A of the Brasileirão. He returned to his place in Brazilian football, said Juca kfouri. AND Rodolfo Rodrigues He spoke of the beauty and the historical spread.
In the League of Nations, Scotland beat Ukraine 3-0. Today, the circle is hot, at 15:45:

  • France X Austria
  • Belgium vs Wales
  • Poland X Netherlands
  • Croatia X Denmark

What does Brazil need to do to go to the World Cup as the best team in the world?


Fatty and unhealthy, but rich in calcium: is milk the hero or villain after all?
the subject of Lucia Helena it is a crime: to kill children.
Of the injuries to the SUS, 90% are treated with surgery that is not recommended by the WHO.


In the body of a celebrity

marquezine - Repost / Instagram - Repost / Instagram

Bruna Marquezine | Alexandre Vauthier

Photo: Playback/Instagram

The leaked image of Marquezine and the quality of Enzo Celulari: what does it mean?


What is brabas, the type that controls the peripheries.


Cornered by police, YouTubers lose their fortune to hold a car raffle.

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