Manoel Soares opened up about the disagreement with Patrícia Poeta

Manoel Soares, 43, spoke about the alleged disagreements behind the scenes between him and Patrícia Poeta, who hosted “Encontro” (TV Globo) since the departure of Fátima Bernardes.

In an interview with Poder magazine, the journalist said that it was a waste of time to look at the disagreements between the two. “There are a lot of important things to be done in Brazil so it is not responsible for the press if we waste time looking at pseudo-arrests. working on the same project.”

Known for answering questions about racial tension, the actor says he doesn’t want to limit himself to this topic. “The last thing I want is to talk to people about the race issue. I want to talk about music, beauty, fashion, but I can’t talk to about it as a police officer stepping on the neck of a black woman. , in a recorded image, was released,” he said.

Recently, without telling Manoel, Patrícia complained for a long time about the criticism she received and thinking about the back of the “Team”. He explained that he will no longer accept lies and speculation about the back of the fan on TV Globo.

Through Instagram, the artist published a message saying that he is tired of being subjected to “false attacks and unjustified lies” with the voice and asks for thanks for fighting to be to the post of show host every day.

For the next 60 days, I was silent. I have swallowed dryly the attacks and unjustified lies told by irresponsible people. But now that’s enough! Game over! I am a person. I am a woman. Struggle and honesty are worth every victory so far. Anyone who knows me knows this. After all, I have 25 years of hard work, dedicated myself and never hurt anyone. On the contrary.
Patricia Poet

The journalist said that he did not think about the criticism for his work on “Encontro”, but he regretted that he “was told” without knowing the truth.

Working with criticism, I agree, since we put our eyes on the TV, we know it can happen. Now, lie: I can’t stand it. Even if it means telling a lie many times, it will be the truth, if not. low lying. If I can give you one piece of advice from this experience: don’t stone someone without knowing who they are.
Patricia Poet

He ended his testimony by saying that he appreciates everyone who works with him and says that he does not wish harm on anyone, not even on those who “tell lies.” about him.

My friends, our company, is a company united for the greater good: the public. I end here by reminding us that we women can go wherever we want, leaving behind those who put us down, try to put us down work or prevent us from success. To my colleagues and the public, thank you very much. We are stronger, in this chain of goodness. To the liars: I don’t want to get hurt, no. I just wish they didn’t fall for the damage they did. It hurts so much. Sincerely, PP.
Patricia Poet

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