Meet Beth Djalali, a fitness guru to discover and inspire

On her website, Beth Djalali shares some of her lifestyle, style and beauty tips.

O girl! Speaking of fashion, it’s great to get fashion references from older women, over 40, 50 or 60, isn’t it? With that in mind, I take today Beth Djalali so you can see and shake the scenes.

He is 62 years old, lives in California, is a senior author and influencer. He is famous for creating, a few years ago, the blog “Style at a Certain”, which means style in a certain year. Today, Beth dominates Instagram and has 279k followers.

In her website, she shares some of her lifestyle, style and beauty tips, including lots of beauty and style. Beth inspires mature women to not be afraid to use style to their advantage, just like they are! In the process, I have separated a series of examples from the influencer in order to inspire you.


Beth Djalali (Credit: Instagram/ @styleatacertainage)

The designer is not afraid to be bold and, at the age of 62, adheres to short lengths, showing that, regardless of age, you choose the height of the skirt, dress or shorts! Your age should not limit or prevent you from wearing this type of clothing. So if you want to use it and abuse it!


Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali (Credit: Instagram @styleatacertainage)

Beth always encourages requests for fun looks, involving the use of jeans and sneakers. The idea is that young girls can wear these pieces, but they are meaningless and outdated. Jeans and sneakers are super democratic and can create more sophisticated looks. It depends on what else you touch!


Beth Djalali
Beth Djalali (Credit: Instagram @styleatacertainage)

Do you want to add a touch of boldness and passion to your looks? Include pictures of animals, snakes, jaguars, zebras… If you like them, you can use them, regardless of your age. The only rule you have to follow is not to stop using what suits your style, taste and personality, right?

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